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The Ministry of Health has announced the withdrawal of some batches of a well-known dietary supplement: this is what it is and why the withdrawal was ordered

In recent weeks, the Ministry of Health has ordered the withdrawal of numerous batches belonging to different types of products. We recently told you about the recall of batches of the potato salad with branded oil and vinegar Good Choice. The cause of the recall is the possibility of finding glass fragments in some products belonging to a specific lot. In this case, the recall was made for a physical risk.

The chemical risk, on the other hand, concerns the presence of more or less dangerous chemicals. Recently, for example, we reported the possible presence of alpha-toxins in some packages of branded peanuts Alesto. Also in this case, the Ministry of Health had ordered the withdrawal as a precaution. In the last few minutes, a new notice has been published on the Ministry’s website, concerning a well-known supplement. Let’s find out what it is.

Ministry of Health, withdrawn batches of the well-known supplement: the details

The Ministry of Health reported today, Tuesday 20 September, the withdrawal of some batches of the oral solution Quetidia Fast-Slow due to physical risk. In particular, the lots are as follows: number 220342 and number 220343. The sales name of the product is Quetidia Fast-Slow oral solution. The name or company name of the FBO in whose name the product is marketed is Neuraxpharm Italy SpA The manufacturer’s name is HPI Humana Pharma International Spa. The headquarters of the production plant is located in via Enrico Mattei snc – 27022 – Casorate Primo , in the province of Pavia. The expiration date or minimum shelf life (tmc) is February 29, 2024. Specifically, the sales unit is a 150 ml bottle.

The reason for the recall is a possible unexpected fizz in some bottles, which can lead to liquid leakage. The recall was made as a precaution. This means that there is a chance to find this effervescence, but it is not present in all packages. In any case, the Ministry of Health advises all those who have purchased packs belonging to these two specific lots not to drink the oral solution and to return it to the place where they bought it. They will be entitled, in any case, to a refund.

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