Young man who inhaled pepper attacks ‘cocaine’ on social media

goiania – Taís Medeiros, a young 26-year-old who suffered brain damage due to a severe allergic reaction after smelling preserved pepper, was attacked on social networks. A message shared by Trancista’s mother, Adriana Medeiros, featured a fake profile suggesting the young woman was a drug user.

The message Adriana received said: “I never imagined that your little daughter snorted cocaine, only serious people like you would believe that this happened because she smoked pepper.” There it is written.

The mother defended her daughter and said of the situation: It’s unbelievable that someone without character would hide behind a fake profile and try to smear someone who is unable to protect themselves,” Adriana said.


fake profile

The profile used in the attack has no followers or publications. The young woman’s mother is trying to find out who was responsible and plans to take legal action, she said.

Because this attack was conducted anonymously and a false profile was created, it could be criminally classified as an ideological falsehood. In addition to civil liability, including compensation for emotional damage, contempt and defamation.

Recall the incident in which a Thai man was victimized by smelling pepper.

In February, Taís Medeiros became ill after smelling pickled goat pepper while having lunch at her boyfriend’s house. She had a severe allergic reaction.

Transist spent 20 days in the intensive care unit in Annapolis, the city where the incident occurred, and was diagnosed with cerebral edema. She has since been transferred to the capital of Goiás state and continues her treatment at her home.

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