You’re crazy, Tecatito!Corona had a dream game against River Plate but fell short of the incredible goal (Video) – Fox Sports

There was a meeting this week friendly between bed and striped of monterey,Like the original intense And a Target about him Championship finalexcept one’exhibit’ of Coronatcatito This moved him from applause to lamentation.

he former player of seville made one fantasy game Very attractive, same get rid arrive 2 competitors” But at another moment he opened up the goal and his shot was badly deflected, which may have involved victory for striped.

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Tecatito Corona vs. River and cruel mistakes

stadium cotton bowl of USA Witnessed this meeting striped vs River Plate,This is a international tour In the match against Argentina, they will also face Pachuca this week.

inside first,arrive twenty twoParty Reggios able to enter Advantagebut Tecatito Corona failed A Wonderful playbecause after a pass to the center from the right and the ball was loose, he got open goalsthere is space to write, but your auction Passed on the one hand.

this A bad image won’t last long a lot because 32nd minute Tecatito will make one fantasy gamerone of the rare ones, as the mexicans were in the grass, after pressure of Simon and another player, but he takes them off It’s both.

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Jesus Manuel Corona weightlifting he ball and feetthrows a occur from grass to back defend of bed He just stayed and watched.

Although he tie Originally wanted to Rodrigo Aguirre wins noticed 67th minute and excited fans. stripedbut Marcelo Herrera and his goals 86 They put the “board” on the board.

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