YouTube Music

YouTube Music for iOS and Android is updated with some aesthetic innovations regarding the artist’s profile: here are all the details.

Google has started the distribution of the new user interface for the YouTube Music Artists profile on iOS and Android.

The novelty was introduced after the recent addition of the Discover Mix Playlist and the New Release Mix and Your Mix variants designed to allow users to discover new music in line with their tastes.

Below are the details of the changes made to the aesthetic level:

  • Larger cover image with a closer crop
  • Name of the artist in the foreground
  • “Register” button more visible and positioned below the artist’s name
  • “Songs” section renamed “Top songs”
  • An album with larger covers. This is displayed one at a time with a carousel user interface
  • “Information” section of the artist now available at the bottom of the UI

YouTube Music will replace Play Music and will be pre-installed on all new devices marketed with Android 9 and 10.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.


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