YouTuber completes the game with the least number of kills possible, it took three years –

The world of content creating on YouTube, Twitch and the like requires that you always invent particular and complex challenges, to make a game interesting like GTA 5 which by now everyone knows by heart. One YouTuber he then ventured into a very complex challenge: finish GTA 5 with the fewest kills possible; the problem is that it took him three years.

Specifically, DarkViper has completed GTA 5 eliminating 96 enemies. Obviously it is often impossible to pass a mission without kills, so the goal was to aim for the minimum number, but also following the following rules:

  • No kills unless required by the game
  • If you kill an NPC, you must do it with melee weapons
  • If it is not impossible to use melee, the weakest weapon is used
  • No armor is allowed unless it is impossible to continue without
  • Cannot use mod

Of the 96 eliminations, the GTA 5 YouTuber has completed only 30 with firearms. It should be noted that other NPCs have also died in the game in addition to those counted, but in this case it was an ally of the character or using other indirect methods to deal with them.

Trevor has to make do with a few kills

Trevor has to make do with a few kills

DarkViper also unveils some statistics dedicated to this challenge. She needed 1,000 hours to complete the series and, with the 27 videos that make it up, she got over 30 million views and thanks to it she got 90,000 new subscribers. In case you wonder what sense these challenges make, then, here is the reason.

Still talking about the game, did you know that Rockstar has created a thank you page that sounds like a goodbye to GTA 5 and GTA Online?

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