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On 3 may it was announced that the famous singer of the decade of the 70’s and 80’s, Yoshio, had been admitted in emergency for complications from coronavirusin the hospital Xoco in Mexico City, and after 12 days in critical condition the afternoon of this Wednesday, it unveiled its death.

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(El Universal)

Yoshio it was called really Gustavo Nakatani Avilathe son of a japanese immigrant Yoshigei Nakatani, who after being employed as a laborer in a factory of buttons of conchar mother-of-pearl, opened step as an entrepreneur and created the first peanuts japanese in Mexico. He came to this country in the decade of the years 30.

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Yoshio born in 1959, in Mexico City, the son of a mexican mother. “(My dad) met my mother because it was rented to my grandmother on my mother a quarter and he loved to sing, was the official singer of the japanese colony,” he told TV Notes five years ago in an interview. “My mother was the one who washed the clothes of the family and looked on the roof. My father asked how he said things in Spanish and the year they were married. Never spoke good Spanish but was given to understand.”

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(The Universal / Yoshio, Alejandra Ávalos and Gualberto Castro)

The true story of the peanuts japanese in Mexico it happened when his father tried to imitate the recipe that you ate in Japan, but with ingredients mexican. After its foundation, became one of the brothers of Yoshio in administrator, and in that interview the singer revealed that it was very difficult to hold due to the economic situation in Mexico and the sale of peanut.

“Then come the big companies and took up domestic production,” he told the publication several years ago. “It was very difficult. We think that the factory would close. There are economic problems very serious, but it is a business, and noble is still taking place but for the family of my brother not for others. If he had been healthy the economy had left an allowance for each one.”

The parents of Yoshio they had 8 children but two died, leaving him as the least of all. Due to her love for music at the age of 18 she decided to leave studies and are committed to making your music career something for your family, it was then that his father gave him all their support. According to his testimony, he never learned to speak japanese, because his father had very little communication with their children, in addition to liked the game, so his life was spent between the factory and the fun, that after she was able to overcome.

He won the song festival OTI with the song “What happened, happened”, in 1981, and became one of the singers mexican most respected of that time. A year after his victory, he traveled to Tokyo, where he represented Mexico and, for the first time, he met some of his family.


Yoshio, which means “noble man”, was 70 years old when he died by Covid-19. Marcela Hernandez is the widow, and she was the one who asked for help in social networks to pay some expenses and make chains of prayer for your husband. The singer lost his life shortly before 5 in the afternoon.

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Rest in peace.

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