YUEHUA Apologizes For Suddenly Stopping Promotions For YENA (Choi Ye Na) Without Notifying Fans Soompi

YUEHUA has apologized for the abrupt end of YENA’s (Choi Ye Na) promotions.

In June, the singer had made her comeback with a new opus and a title entitled “Hate Rodrigo”.

The song made numerous references to Olivia Rodrigo, her music videos and her songs, which quickly earned a lot of criticism for Choi Ye Na’s comeback.

Indeed, many people had expressed their concerns even before the comeback of the young woman, and this was amplified after her return and the release of her new title, clearly referring to Olivia Rodrigo.

Eventually, the criticism continued, with many people blaming this strong hateful title on Olivia Rodrigo who really didn’t ask for anything, and it wasn’t long before the agency decided to move on. Choi Ye Na’s private MV.

A few days later, the MV of this song featuring (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi was reposted on YouTube, after some modifications, in particular to remove or blur any image of Olivia Rodrigo that could be seen. in the clip.

A few days after that, at the beginning of July, YENA canceled her participation in a music show and rejected a fansign, and since then… nothing.

No communication from the agency about YENA, who simply disappeared from the radar. No more promotions and no more TV appearances from Choi Ye Na, without any explanation from YUEHUA Entertainment.

On August 5, the company finally spoke about it to apologize for stopping YENA’s promotions without telling fans.

The agency announced:

“Hello, this is YUEHUA Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank all the fans who love Choi Ye Na.

We would like to bow our heads and apologize for not promptly informing fans about the end of promotions for our artist Choi Ye Na for her second single “HATE XX”, which was released on June 27th.

We humbly accept fan criticism of our agency, and we will do more in the future to listen to a wide range of opinions.

Additionally, we ask that you show your concern and love for Choi Ye Na as she continues to reunite with her fans.


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