Żabka InPost parcel lockers inside InDoor shop where the price

It is not known where and how many InDoor parcel machines will ultimately be installed, but it is certain that the first contracts for this service have already been signed. – I will not reveal anything more than that Żabka and InPost started a pilotAs part of which, InPost parcel lockers of the InDoor type appeared in selected stores of the chain. Both companies will jointly, to increase the convenience of customers, develop the service of sending and collecting parcels in selected Żabka stores, which it will increase its availability throughout Poland – gave the portal Wirtualnemedia.pl Wojciech Kądziołka, InPost spokesman.

Our interlocutor adds that parcel lockers have been “adapted to the needs of the convenience chain”. – The idea is to fully complement the portfolio of services offered in Żabka. InPost parcels can also be picked up in the traditional formula at the checkout – announces Kądziołka.

InDoor – for many months

InDoor parcel lockers began to appear in Poland in autumn 2020. From now on, machines are installed in office buildings, blocks of shopping malls and other service and residential facilities. The first parcel locker of this type was installed in the Library of the University of Warsaw.

Vending machines of this type can operate both 24/7 – when the access to a given location allows it – and in the option with limited availability. In such a situation, the sender and recipient are informed about such a location, and the time to collect the parcel is extended. The size of the machine can be modified and adapted to the place where it will be located, making it ideal for the interior of public buildings. The machine is equipped with a set of security cameras, as well as a clear interface that allows for quick collection of the parcel.

Żabka tested her own machines

In turn, Żabka was already making preparations for the introduction of its own internal parcel pick-up machines in the summer of 2020. The first of them was piloted in Poznań in July 2020. – This solution not only allows us to improve the process of collecting and returning parcels, but also significantly accelerates the service of customers visiting our stores. The undoubted advantage of the device is also that it does not require a lot of space and can be adapted in almost the entire chain of our stores – she said then Anna Grabowska, vice-president of the board of Żabka Polska. How such machines work – it is not known. The network also does not inform about the development of the process of setting them up.

InPost already has over 16,000 in Poland. parcel machines. The one with the number “16,000” was launched in December in Gorzów Wielkopolski, at ul. Paderewskiego 4. The company also built a parcel locker No. 3000 in Great Britain – thanks to the development of the operator’s network, most residents of London, Birmingham and Manchester have less than a mile to the device. In France, where InPost operates under the Mondial Relay brand, it has built a parcel locker No. 300.

In the third quarter of 2021, InPost’s revenues increased by 18% year-on-year. to PLN 1.274 billion, and adjusted EBITDA – by 73 percent. up to PLN 409 million. Growths were lower due to the acquisition at the beginning of July this year. for EUR 513 million of the French operator Mondial Relay.

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