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Zacatecas State Government Commemorates Veterinarian Day

  • The Zacatecas Department of Health has a team of experts responsible for planning and implementing rabies vaccination and dog and cat sterilization campaigns.
  • This date is credited with the founding of Mexico’s first veterinary school in 1853.

Zacatecas, Zaca, August 17, 2023. In order to comply with the goals for the well-being of the people outlined by Governor David Monreal Avila, the Ministry of Health (SSZ) has recruited human resources from various fields of knowledge, such as veterinarians, whose profession is recognized worldwide. are collecting. Every year on August 17th in a special way.

This day marks the founding of the first veterinary school in Mexico in 1853, the first in the entire Americas.

Omar Torres, head of the Rabies and Other Zoonotic Diseases Program at the SSZ, said the agency now has a team of eight experts in the field, and is responsible for the spread of diseases such as rabies and brucellosis from animals to humans. He declared that he was in charge of developing strategies and campaigns to prevent diseases that could infect others. , for example.

Thanks to anti-rabies vaccination campaigns, 295,393 doses of this biologic were administered in 2022, and 12,983 free surgeries were performed in dog and cat sterilization campaigns. Both strategies are important for stabilizing this population.

He urged the public to become responsible pet owners and act quickly to get the vaccinations needed to protect the state from rabies and other diseases, and to recognize the importance of caring for and respecting animals.

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