Zagłębie Lubin – Radomiak. Hot on the turf

After a seemingly harmless situation in the 64th minute, suddenly there were scuffles in the Zagłębie penalty area, which turned into a row. As a result, judge Paweł Malec showed three yellow cards and two red cards. It all started when the referee gave a yellow card to Charles of England, who stepped on his opponent’s thigh and then fell onto the pitch accidentally hitting him with his elbow on the head. What was important was the second admonition of the player from Radom in this match and he had to leave the field.

Then there was a clash between Mauridies Roque Jr. and Dominik Hałdun. Both players pushed each other away, for which the referee quickly showed them yellow cards for unsportsmanlike behavior.

It might seem that the situation will be under control, but at this point, Sasa Balic, warming up behind the goal, fell onto the pitch and from the so-called “Leaf” hit the player Radomiak. This unleashed another storm and a wave of scuffles. Fortunately, the judges quickly noticed the terrible behavior of the backup Zagłębie, who immediately looked at the red card. Thanks to their quick reaction, the players knew that the judges had seen this reprehensible behavior, and maybe thanks to that there were no more exclusions.

All the cards shown were correct and well deserved. There is no need to hide, however, that if the judges wanted to, they could boldly show a few more cards for scuffles and unsportsmanlike behavior. How does the management of such situations, which are referred to as mass confrontations, look like in practice?

In the case of the so-called mass confrontations, it is recommended that the judges first and foremost punish the most active players, as well as those who provoked the whole incident. Most often it ends with both teams being penalized with the same number of cards. This was the case in the analyzed situation. The referee gave one card to the most active players, and also excluded a substitute who hit his opponent from the game. The pages English saw did not result from a mass confrontation.

When analyzing this meeting, it is worth mentioning a penalty kick and a rather rare situation. In the second minute of the second half, Zagłębie Lubin, losing 0-2, took a corner kick. The ball was thrown into the penalty area and as it fell, the referee’s whistle sounded, pointing to “lime” and taking a yellow card from his pocket, which he punished Raphael Rossi.

The players did not know what happened, but the repetitions dispel all doubts. Karol Podliński jumped to the flying ball, who was hit in the face by defender Radomiak Radom. Certainly, in this type of situation, referees do not impose penalty kicks too often, but Paweł Malec’s decision is 100% correct.

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