Zaire-Emery remembers Marquinhos/Kimpembe’s contribution and praises Sergio Ramos

Paris Saint-Germain’s 17-year-old midfielder Warren Zaire-Emery spoke extensively in an interview with the newspaper Parisian. Impressive since his debut with the Parisian club, he is one of the players to watch this season. He mentioned the players who help him the most in progress on a daily basis. Presnel Kimpembe, Sergio Ramos or even Marquinhos are widely cited by the Parisian Nugget.

zaire-emery” He was there for everyone. His career was extraordinary, we could only listen to his advice.

“At your age, you meet great players every day. Who have given you the most advice?

I’m thinking of Presnel (Kimpembe) or, last season, Sergio Ramos. He was there for everyone. His career was extraordinary, we could only listen to his advice. At the moment, Marquinhos talks to me a lot. He insists that I watch what is happening around me on the pitch, and talks to me about Thiago Motta, who mentored him at the time.

They told him that he had to count the players around him: for example if there are six players on your right, that means there are only four left on the other side… I try to apply, well I see from it, I take in the information. It will come with time. ,

There are always people older, benevolent, with the soul of a coach and who love to mentor young people. Sergio Ramos is one of those players. He is great because of his career as well as his humility and his work. Seeing that Zaire-Emery cites Kimpembe is not surprising, when you know the importance of Titis’ subsidiary to the 27-year-old world champion defender.

There is progress to be made for the young Parisian, but he is well surrounded by his family, his club and nobody really knows how far he can go. We will watch the season with great interest, we are often happy to follow the stars, but this time, it must be said, Zaire-Emery’s presence and humility delight everyone. Now, on the field.

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