“Zelensky drug addict and neo-Nazis, do you know who his relatives were?” – Free Daily

“I have heard someone say that Putin’s concerns must be understood. No, this is aggression.” Alan Friedman, guest of Massimo Giletti a It is not the Arena on La7, he harshly condemned the tsar’s action in Ukraine. Then he pointed out that the Russian president made fun of everyone a few days ago, when he made the world believe that he was willing to negotiate to avoid invasion and violence. “Putin’s was premeditated action. He took Macron and Scholz, who commuted to Moscow, for a ride, “explained Friedman.

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Giletti’s guest could not fail to point out a rather serious mistake that the tsar made towards the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. “Putin called him a drug addict and a neo-Nazi, but he is a Jew and he lost his entire family in the Shoah. So it’s a real insult.” Speaking of Putin’s decision to activate the nuclear alert system, however, Friedman explained that it is “a threat to NATO” not to underestimate.

Finally, the reporter also referred to another intimidation action by Putin: “He threatened Sweden and Finland, saying that they would political and military problems with Russia should they decide to join NATO “.

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