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Steven Zhang in Milan is fine, but the Nerazzurri fans are interested in this up to a certain point. Indeed, yesterday there Curva Nord exploded against the Inter president with a message all too explicit: “Zhang go away”. A direct complaint, which does not seem limited to the entrepreneurial field. The annoyance towards the property is so pronounced that that of the fans even risks appearing as an even wider request. As if to say, get out of Milan. Perhaps because they are frustrated to see him go around the streets of the center in Ferrari and McLaren, allocating part of his fortunes to luxury brands, while he manages Inter like a Cinderella.

THE REASONS FOR THE CURVE – A line also passed in the meeting held on Thursday evening, in which supporters clarified their point of view regarding the current ownership, guilty of no longer being able to afford the onerous management of the club, but at the same time obstinate in wanting to continue also to carry out initiatives for profit, such as the one involving the construction of the new stadium. The fear of the fans is that at this rate, without investments or a clear and shared project, Inter will slowly be dismantled.. And speaking of sharing, it must be said that now even the management has stopped fully embracing the provisions of Zhang. The fracture is now clear, the embankment is broken. Most of the Inter fans are clamoring for another property: in corners as in the stands, in Brera and on social networks, wherever the name of Zhang resounds, there is a wind of protest.

RESPONSIBLE PLAYERS – In the meeting on Thursday evening, the other theme that held the bench was that of the team’s performance. For the Curva, albeit guilty of some mistakes, Simone Inzaghi is not the most responsible of such a slow start. The players ended up on the dock, who will be asked to wake up quickly. Some of their attitudes are not best honoring the history and the blazon of the Nerazzurri club and also for this reason, the Curva, for now, will limit itself to singing choirs intended exclusively for Inter, avoiding personally inciting individual athletes.

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