Zhang, the accounts remain critical: imbalance of 150 million. Transfer of Inter? The hypothesis is on the table beyond the denials

“Inter’s balance sheet continues to walk on a very thin thread. It is true that the loss has been reduced from 246 to 140 millionbut the exceptional capital gains of Lukaku And Hakimi (100 million). The trouble, for the Nerazzurri, is that to balance the accounts a heavy one would be needed cost-effective slimming treatment or the systematic realization of very high capital gainsbecause, while waiting for the new stadium, revenues will not be able to grow significantly. “This was underlined by Gazzetta dello Sport following the shareholders’ meeting of the Nerazzurri club and the statements by Zhang, Marotta and Antonello.

The shortfall of the Asian sponsors was partially offset by the great work done, among other things, on the value of the jersey, such as the renegotiation with the Nike. But the problems with Zytara /Digitalbits. Globally, Inter start from one imbalance of approximately 150 milliondespite the fact that a work has been started to reduce sports spending. “The shareholder is avoiding the appointment with the recapitalization thanks to two rules introduced at the time of Covid: the revaluation of assets for 204 million net and the postponement of the settlement of 342 million to 2027, despite the presence of a negative net worth (-36 that of the parent company) – explains Marco Iaria on Journal -. At the end of the 2020-21 financial year, the Zhang family had provided the club with a loan of 75 million (8%), of which 15 were converted into equity. They were part of the maxi-loan of 275 million granted by the fund Oaktree to the Luxembourg parent company. In the last year, however, the owners did not have to intervene because the sale of Lukaku and Hakimi and the refinancing of the debt have satisfied the cash needs. And in the future? The Nanjing group will still draw, however a hundred million, from unused Oaktree funds. The rest will be done by Inter’s ability to generate resources (“the club has important assets to be exploited to consolidate revenues,” said Antonello, alluding to the sale of players). The directors thus prepared the financial statements adopting the going concern assumption. Usually the ritual formula consists in the formal commitment of the shareholder to financially support the club for at least twelve months, this time however a footnote was added: “If it occurs before twelve months a change of control of the parent company, until the date in which control of the same will be maintained “. Having to justify the business continuity with objective elements, even in the eyes of the auditors, the directors could not omit a hypothesis that, obviously, is on the table. Beyond the denials “.

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