Zico: “I don’t like this football. Goalkeepers touch the ball more than anyone else: something needs to be done”

Interviewed by Rai, Zico he analyzed what he has seen so far at the World Cup in Qatar: “Football today is the same everywhere. Everyone looks at everyone, there are no more surprises. I’ve thought about it for a long time: today you can know everything about each team, each player, how they move. The matches are played on forty meters of pitch, the spaces are small. Today there are few dribbles, that’s how world football is”.

Is there less room for the genius of a champion?
“No, the champions always find space”.

Do you like this football?
“No, it bores me to watch certain moments in matches. Today the players who touch the ball the most are the goalkeepers: something needs to be done to change that.”

What should the World Cup represent?
“The most important event in the world. Brazil were first in the group and changed teams to play, all on the bench. I believe this isn’t football: you never get tired in seven games. I went to the stadium to see the Brazil and I have not seen it”.

Who did you like more?
“I really liked Morocco. As well as Japan: in Brazil I always said that my concern wasn’t Germany or Spain”.

The tribute to Pele?
“For us Brazilians it is a pride to have Pele. It is important, it is part of the history of football.”

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