Zinetti on TN: “I don’t feel like saying that Gemello is preferable to Vanya”

Exclusively on Toro News the words in view of the Bologna-Turin of the former granata goalkeeper coach

Joseph Zinetti he links his name to Gian Piero Ventura: he coached the goalkeepers of Turin (and first those of Bari) and also of the national team together with the Genoese coach. For Zinetti, his past at Turin was long and full of satisfactions: from 2011 to 2016, in fact, there was a promotion, participation in the Europa League and many good moments. Zinetti is, among other things, the most classic of the former doubles of the Sunday match between Bologna and Turin, having played several championships with the Bolognese between the ’70s and’ 80s. Exclusively on Toro News, the former granata goalkeeper coach analyzes the moment of Ivan Juric’s training.

Good morning coach, an opinion at the beginning of March of the Torino season?

“The first round was very good, then as in all the leagues they captain some push-ups. The important thing is to overcome them as quickly as possible. Torino has all the potential and the skills to be able to overcome a negative moment quickly “.

Has the Juric project laid the foundations during these months?

“Juric’s characteristics have been known for a long time. I think he is the classic coach who needs to be indulged in his choices for the way he wants his teams to express themselves. Juric has all the possibilities to open a new and long path under the Mole ”.

As a goalkeeper coach, how do you judge Vanja Milinkovic-Savic’s moment?

“He is following the progress of the team. Lately the team is doing a little less well and he is doing a little less well. I never think that defeat is determined by a single player. We must not make a scapegoat of Vanya. Like all members of a squad, he can have ups and downs. Unfortunately, sometimes, one department’s downturns add up to another’s and overall performance goes down. I believe that we must not attribute to a single person inferior results compared to the first part of the championship. And then Vanya has the means to react. However, he needs the help of the whole team, as happened in the first part of the season ”.

Is it reasonable to expect a shift in goal?

“You have to understand what Juric’s speech was at the beginning of the season. If he has decided, as it seems, to focus on Vanya and on his enhancement, it is right that we continue to insist on him, even after mistakes. It all depends on the psychological aspect. If the boy is in a down phase, in agreement with the coach, a stop of one or two days could also be combined. Only from within can these things be dealt with. Juric and Di Sarno are very good at this “.

Can Gemello be a Serie A goalkeeper?

“From what they tell me yes. He made his debut with Fiorentina and did it well. The difficult always comes later, especially in the role of the goalkeeper. Confirming and continuing to grow is complicated. At this moment I don’t feel like saying that I would prefer Gemello to Milinkovic-Savic: if there are hierarchies, they must be respected as far as possible Bologna ed), even after the mistakes “.

What do you expect from Bologna-Turin?

“I expect a close race. Mihajlovic and Juric dare and take risks. I think it will be an enjoyable match that I will gladly watch. It will be an open game. There will be many duels distributed throughout the field ”.

Could this type of match also be favored by the ranking of the two teams?

“I only partially agree. I think Mihajlovic and Juric would interpret a match in the same way whether the championship is worth it or salvation ”.

Going back to your past at Turin as a goalkeeper coach, how do you judge them?

“They have been rich in both human and professional satisfaction. I found an environment very close to the team and very involved in both good and bad luck. It was a beautiful life experience ”.

And the most beautiful emotions?

“The promotion to Serie A: this is definitely the first. As the years went on, the victory remained in Bilbao. It was one of the best evenings we shared with so many fans at the stadium and at the airport ”.

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