Zlatan Ibrahimovi make a decision about his future. “Bd puts pressure” Pika none

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s contract with Milan expires after the end of the current season. And although the Swede turned 40 a few weeks ago, he does not intend to stop playing with the ball. Everything indicates that he will stay in Milan for at least one more season.

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– My contract? My contract never ends. I will put some pressure on Milan to renew her. I hope that I will stay and play for Milan forever – said the Swede in the program “Che tempo che fa”.

Morata and AllegriStrange scene in Serie A. Juventus coach arguing with a footballer on the pitch. What was it about?

Last season, his health allowed him to play only 19 games in Serie A, but he managed to score 15 goals anyway. He is suffering from injuries again this season, but his record looks impressive. He spent 524 minutes on the league turf, and during this time he was involved in eight goals (six goals and two assists).

– This morning I got up and I felt pain all over my body. But as long as I have a goal, as long as I’m feeling adrenaline, I can’t stop. I know that something good awaits me at the end of my journey. It drives me. It makes me feel the need to work. That I want to stay on top. I will play football as long as I can. I don’t want a point where I regret stopping. That in a few years I will think about the fact that I could keep playing because I felt good, but I stopped. Not! It is not in my style. I prefer to finish myself, to be honest: I can’t anymore. But it is too early for that today, said Ibrahimović a few days ago in a long conversation with the Guardian.

Juan Cuadrado scores a goal directly from the corner.  Source: https://www.facebook.com/ElevenSports.Polska/videos/912025733019466/It doesn’t actually happen! Direct goal from a corner kick [WIDEO]

Situation in the Serie A table

After 16 matches in the Italian league, AC Milan has 38 points and is the leader. Inter Milan is one point less. Milan will face Udinese next matchday, but will face Liverpool in the Champions League before that.

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