Zlatan Ibrahimović offered the former club as … sports director. He wanted to restore order in the team

Zlatan Ibrahimović revealed in his new book “Adrenaline. My Unknown Stories ”that Paris Saint-Germain offered his services not so long ago.

Ibrahimović wrote the new book with Luigi Garlando, the journalist of “La Gazzetta dello Sport”. “Adrenaline” has just premiered in Italy and France. In our country, it should appear in the new year.

One of the excerpts from the book that appeared on the web is about Paris Saint-Germain.

“Summer 2021. It’s true, I signed up for PSG, but not as a footballer. I did this as a sports director. I called President Nasser Al-Khelaifi and offered him that if I did not extend my contract with Milan, I would come to PSG and restore order in the team. Nasser laughed but didn’t refuse. Mino Raiola also agreed. He said, “This is the perfect role for you.” He agreed that if I did not extend my contract with Milan, a managerial position at PSG would be a good option for me.

(…) The PSG players I spoke with thought similarly. Someone told me, “Zlatan, only you can restore order and discipline in the team.” “Zlatan, if you had been here, some things in the cloakroom would not have happened,” said another. I liked the idea, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the feeling of fear and panic about ending my competitive career. What else to say and what else to do. I’d fly to Paris, see the training, and start asking myself, “Why did you stop?”

(…) PSG changed its history in 48 hours. It has evolved from a normal club to the size it has today. If you don’t have a strong leader it can become unmanageable with all these stars. Does PSG pay? Yes. Is it winning the championship? Yes. Is it good to live in Paris? Yes. (…) There are 40 players and none of them wants to leave, even if they are not playing because they are doing well there. If I worked there, everyone would be grilling all the time. Because if I pay and you don’t give me one hundred percent of yourself, you can’t stay. This is discipline, ”we read.

Ibrahimović was associated with PSG as a footballer between 2012 and 2016. During this time, he scored 156 goals in 180 games.

So far, the great return of the 40-year-old to Paris has not happened. The Swede is still a Milan player for whom he has scored six goals this season.

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