Zodiac. After 52 years, the identity of the murderer was discovered

This is one of the most mysterious criminal riddles in the world. The perpetrator was never apprehended, although he led the police by the nose by sending encrypted messages to the press. Officially, there are talk of 5 victims of the Zodiac, but he himself confessed that he had over 30 murders to his credit. New reports have just surfaced about a murderer who had remained elusive since the 1960s.

Zodiac – what crimes has he committed?

It was a cold December day in 1968. That’s when it really all started. David and Betty, a couple of students in love, secretly from their parents, went to a secluded place to have a moment to themselves. They didn’t notice when the Chevrolet Impala pulled up next to their car. First, a shot was fired in the rear window of the car. The murderer did not hesitate to shoot David again at close range, as well as five times in the back of Betty escaping from the car. The perpetrator was not apprehended.

Six months later there was another attack. 20-year-old Darlene and 19-year-old Michael saw the car parked next to them in a secluded spot. However, no one got out of it, and a moment later the car disappeared, so the lovers did not feel worried. A few minutes later the car returned and its driver blinded the occupants with a flashlight. Before they could react, shots were fired. Michael was shot in the face, chest, knee, his sweetheart in the arms, and then in the back. Michael was groaning in pain, so the murderer who had left for a while returned to finish the job. He failed Michael Renault Mageau survived and told what happened. He also revealed what the murderer looked like, who turned out to be a heavily built man, about 170 cm tall and with a wide face. It did not help to find him, although he himself called the police at 4 a.m. and confessed to four murders.

The zodiac wants to be captured?

It would seem that there would be a breakthrough in the matter on July 31, 1969. The murderer sends encrypted messages to three editors. Admits to 3 kills and 1 shooting, details what he did and gives an ultimatum. If the newspapers do not see 3 fragments of encrypted text on the front pages, which form a whole and at the same time reveal the killer’s identity, there will be more murders. A teacher from a nearby town broke the code and found out what the killer wanted to say, but the transmission did not contain his data, but only information about why he was killing. A few days later, the media receives another message in which the killer gives himself a pseudonym Zodiac. It is said that he chose to use a certain distinctive sign, reminiscent of the logo of one of the watchmaking companies.

It hits again in September. He chooses another pair of enamored students, Bryan and Cecilia, who have a picnic by the lake. One of them survived and described how the attacker behaved. Initially, he had a hood on his head with a crossed-out sign of an embroidered circle. He was nervous and demanded the car keys and money. He claimed to have escaped from prison and killed a guard. The students wanted to calm him down to stop the bloodshed, but soon knew it would be impossible. When Zodiac said he had to stab them, Bryan only asked for him to kill him first. He didn’t want to watch the murderer kill his beloved. The killer agrees, then stabs the man 6 times and the woman 10 stabs. Cecilia falls into a coma and dies two days after the attack. Brayn manages to survive. Zodiac calls the police again, but when they reach the telephone booth from which the call was made, they find no one, and the fingerprint on the handset has not been found at any base.

In October, the killer changes his plan a little. He kills the taxi driver and takes a piece of his stained shirt as a trophy. By a mistake of the dispatcher at the police, the killer was not captured. The police were informed that the man had a dark skin color, so they did not stop him walking down the street and matching the earlier description of the Zodiac.

The taxi driver was the last known victim of the Zodiac

Zodiak later sent warnings to the press that he would attack the school bus with the children, as well as a letter in which he confessed to committing 7 crimes. He also included a cryptogram that no one could figure out for 51 years. In 2020, an international group of people announced the solution to the mystery and reported their findings to the FBI, however, a statement was issued that it did not help to establish the identity of the murderer. Zodiak wrote: “I hope you have fun trying to catch me. I was not the one who appeared on the TV show that talks about me. I am not afraid of the gas chamber, as sooner he will send me to paradise, because I have enough slaves to work for me. While everyone else gains nothing when they reach Paradise, they fear death. I am not afraid because I know that my new life is a life that will be easy in the paradise of death ”.

In December 1969, Zodiak sends his last letter admitting that he has killed nine people and worries that he will not be able to stop himself from further murders.

Who is the murderer Zodiac?

It cannot be denied that thousands of people around the world, who had been haunted by the history of the Zodiac for many years, waited for the information about who the murderer was. A group of researchers from all over the world, policemen, secret services agents and prosecutors, who said they had identified the most elusive culprit in history.

According to them, he is Gary Francis Poste, a painter and a retired US Air Force worker. Unfortunately, the man died in 2018 at the age of 80. Two years earlier, he had been arrested after beating his wife. According to the investigators, the examination of the photos and the peculiarities of the man clearly indicate that it was this man who committed the crimes in the 1960s and 1970s. documents and evidence found in the darkroom.

On the basis of the evidence collected, the researchers also attributed the murder of Cheri Jo Bates in California in 1966 to Zodiac.

The story of the Zodiac is an inspiration for writers and directors

In 2007, the film “Zodiac” was made on the basis of information about the legendary murderer gathered by Robert Graysmith, a journalist who participated in the investigation. Director David Fincher and screenwriter James Vanderbilt spent 18 months on the documents collected during the investigation to create a picture of the most mysterious serial killer. Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Rufallo. The film will be available from Friday on

In Poland, Remigiusz Mróz referred to the crimes of the Zodiac in his book “Ekstremista”. He used a cipher theme, which was used by the legendary Zodiac, which was never caught by the police. In Mróz’s book, the journalist finds information that the cipher has been broken by a group of researchers (in fact it happened in 2020) and this allows her to download a suitable computer program that also helps her unravel the mystery of the missing people.

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