Zodiac tattoo, the symbol of Leo by Benedetta Parodi

“A lion can be recognized immediately”he writes on his Instagram page Benedetta Parodi, while she is satisfied with her new astrological tattoo. The tattoo artist Marcello Scavo has engraved the symbol of the Lion just below her wrist, Fire sign to which the TV presenter and food blogger belongs. Born on August 6, Benedetta Parodi will blow out 50 candles this summer. But as a perfect exponent of the leonine sign, the 3 times mom looks at least 10 years younger (think Leo women Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle, Halle Berry). Thanks to an out of the ordinary grit and a spirit forever young, with almost inexhaustible reserves of energy and a continuous search for challenges (all to be won, of course). As for Benedetta Parodi’s tattoo, it is a tribute to the graphic and minimalist style, perfect for those who love a discreet and très chic style of tattoos.

Maximum sun protection after getting a tattoo

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At the cost of repeating some indications that many of you take for granted, we reiterate a key concept: skin with tattoos must be protected with a high SPF, especially in the very first months. This is confirmed by Dr. Valentina Finotti, aesthetic and regenerative doctor of Clinica Sotherga in Milan. “In addition to being cleansed with delicate products (you can never go wrong with micellar water from a pharmaceutical brand), the skin z0na with tattoo should be protected from the sun’s rays by applying a product with a high SPF (50+) every 2 hours, better if long-lasting and resistant to water and sweat. After exposure to the sun (to be avoided for the first 10 days after sitting in the tattoo bar), keep the skin area hydrated and soothed by frequently vaporizing a refreshing and highly anti-inflammatory thermal spray water “.

benedetta parodi shows the zodiac tattoo


3 SPF 50 sun products to protect tattoos from the sun

391 Multi-protection fluid UNI’PERFECT SPF 50+, Refinement Shield, rich in active ingredients that protect the skin from UV rays, blue light and pollution

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Silk Hydration Lotion SPF 50, water resistant protection up to 80 minutes, moisturizing thanks to silk proteins

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Stick Solaire Invisible Visage Stick solar UVB / UVA 50, Its transparent formula is easy to distribute, ensures a pleasant sensation on the skin and also protects sensitive areas


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