Zoë Kravitz said she was attacked on social media for having her say on Will Smith

We all had an opinion on Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock during the last Oscars awards ceremony, which took place on March 27th. There are those who condemned the gesture in a decisive way, who in a soft way (first of all the Academy that that evening, shortly after the crime, awarded Smith as Best Actor for King Richard) and who instead sided with the actor.

Zoë Kravitz, in no uncertain terms, that evening, chose the first route, posting on social networks a photo of her at the event (now removed) with the caption: “and here is a photo of my dress at the party after the award ceremony where it seems that now we insult and attack each other on stage ». From that moment, however, on social media the actress was strongly attacked for her stance.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journalthe Catwoman of the last Batman spoke of that experience, reflecting on the so-called cancel culture: «It’s a difficult time to have an opinion, to say the wrong thing, to make art, to leave controversial comments or thoughts. The scariest thing is that art itself is controversial ». “That should be the point,” he continued, “the internet is the opposite of a conversation, the internet is a place where people throw things out and never take anything inside them.”

Referring to this backlash, she added: “It reminded me that I’m an artist and being an artist doesn’t mean everyone loves you or everyone thinks you’re charming. It means expressing yourself on something that hopefully will spark a conversation or inspire people or make them feel understood ».

Kravitz then expressed herself on her idea of ​​communication: «I think I am in a moment of life where I don’t want to express myself through a post or a tweet. I want to express myself through art ». Finally, reflecting on this whole situation, she concluded: “I am in trouble about what to say about it because I know I should talk about it, but I have mixed feelings. Maybe I should have managed everything differently, but that’s okay ».

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