Zoe Saldaña fights terrorism in the trailer

Paramount+ has unveiled the trailer for the series “Special Operations: Lioness”, with Zoe Saldaña and Nicole Kidman in the cast. A series inspired by an American military program.

It’s what Special Ops: Lioness ?

Special Ops: Lioness is the new creation of Taylor Sheridanrevealed as screenwriter of Sicario (2015) by Denis Villeneuve and Comancheria (2016) by David Mackenzie. The author also went behind the camera on several occasions. first with Vile (2011) then windriver (2017) with Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. In recent years, he has mainly distinguished himself on the small screen, notably with Yellowstone (since 2018).

With Special Ops: LionessTaylor Sheridan collaborates once again with Paramount+ to offer this time a spy thriller around the fight against terrorism. The series is directly inspired by an American military program. We follow there first Joe (Zoe Saldana)top CIA officer.

She is responsible for training a young Marine, Cruz Manuelos (Laysla De Oliveira), for the Lioness program. A counterterrorism program overseen by Kaitlyn MeadeNicole Kidman and Donald Westfield (Michael Kelly). After his training, the recruit will have to operate undercover with Joe as a referent, and with the aim of eliminating a target. But things may not go as planned.

At least that’s what we can assume the teaser unveiled by Paramount+. By its theme, we obviously think of Homeland (2011-2020) but also to the French series The Office of Legends – more spectacular and less realistic. Special Operations: Lioness will be to be discovered July 23 on Paramount+.

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