Zoe Saldaña talks in detail about the terrible experience she had on set

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Zoe Saldaña she is one of the Hollywood actresses most used to working on big productions. Throughout her career the actress has been an important face of franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean And Star Trekwhile today she is still involved in Avatar And Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel Studios. However, it hasn’t always been all plain sailing.

His debut in a large production took place in 2003 with surprise Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the First Moon, where she plays the pirate Anamaria alongside Johnny Depp’s iconic Jack Sparrow. The experience set though it doesn’t seem to have been the best:

It was my first exposure to a major Hollywood production, where there were so many actors, producers and crew members. We shot in different places and sometimes environments they weren’t always so pleasant during our shooting days. I was very young, and it was all a little too big for me, and the pace was a little too fastAnd”.

The actress then added:

I moved away not having really had a good experience overall. I felt like I was lost in a trench, and I didn’t feel like I was in the right place. So I decided to get out of it“.

Franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer did not remain indifferent as reported by the actress, so much so that years later he gave her his personal apologies for the experience lived on the set. In this regard, La Saldaña added:

Years later, I was able to meet Jerry Bruckheimer, who apologized because he really wants everyone to have a good experience in his projects. He really moved me that he remembered that I had mentioned all this in the press, I think, or a role he had many years ago, and that he felt compelled to take it upon himself and take responsibility.“.

Soon we will see Zoe Saldaña again on the big screen in two of the most anticipated films of the coming months, such as Avatar: The way of waterexpected in cinemas for the December 14, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3the latest adventure from beloved Marvesl characters hitting theaters at May 2023.

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