Zoe Saldana’s hottest looks for Avatar: Running Water

Busy with the press tour of Avatar: The Way of WaterZoe Saldana graced red carpets around the world with her glamorous presence: here are the looks shown so far at the premieres.

Zoe Saldana back to the cinema, this time for Avatar: The Way of Water. The sequel film of James Cameron brought the audience back to the theater in the presence of Pandora, amidst breathtaking scenery and new dynamics for Jake And Neytiri who have become parents after so many years on the run from the big screen. To play the protagonist is once again Zoe Saldana, one of the most popular actresses of recent years. For the promotion of the sequel of Avatarsparticipated in a long press tour showing off all his glamorous.

Zoe Saldana. Credits: Ansa/Instagram – VelvetMag

Viewers have been patiently waiting for the return to Pandora. Now that Avatar: The Way of Water is officially in theaters, Zoe Saldana can enjoy the well-deserved success. Meanwhile, on her character, she told ScreenRant to have an outstanding account: “He will have to deal with that inner torment linked to an identity that had been well defined by his ancestors, but which is disassembled by the choices made. From choosing this man from another species, starting a family with him. And also from the violation that is taking place on the planet“. A long journey for Neytiri and Jake, passionately followed by viewers since December 14, 2022. Curious to discover the look by Zoe Saldana on red carpet?

Zoe Saldana and the looks for the press tour of Avatar: The Way of Water

Over the years, Zoe Saldana has demonstrated her red carpet-proof glamor and the credit, in part, also goes to her trusted stylist Petra Flannery. The latter takes care of the outfits of several celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Ellen Pompeo to mention a few and also took care of all the looks shown by Zoe Saldana during the Avatar 2 press tour. The most recent is a few days ago: on the occasion of the premiere of Los Angeles, the actress opted for an all-black minidress, with a draped satin skirt and strapless velvet bodice. The creation bears the signature of Schiaparelli Haute Couture. To accompany the look choker with ruby Bulgarians and décolleté by Alexandre Birman.

Zoe Saldana look Avatar The Water Way
Zoe Saldana. Credits: Instagram/Petra Flannery – VelvetMag

On the red carpet of the Tokyo preview, Zoe Saldana proposed an ivory sparkling dress covered in light spots, with a one-shoulder detail and a slit on the back Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture. In addition she sported jewelry Cartier. The actress also reached Seoul for Avatar: The Way of Water and, on the occasion of the première, she wore another total black creation. The dress of Paco RabanneSpring/Summer 2023 collection, offers a latex bodice with boat neckline and skirt with fringes and sequins.

Zoe Saldana red carpet
Zoe Saldana. Credits: Instagram/Petra Flannery – VelvetMag

And it was still in Seoul that she allowed herself a second change of look by proposing a sparkling suit that sets the trend for the Christmas holidays. The actress wore a minidress with matching total black pantyhose studded with sequins Valentino house. Enchanting long dress with bell-shaped skirt in tulle enlivened by sequined butterflies by Alexander McQueen worn at the London premiere. At the London photocall, however, she proposed a total black tulle dress by Victoria Beckham.

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