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Zombieland: Double Tap – a road trip is popularly known as Zombieland DTRT is a top-down perspective arcade shooter video game created by High Voltage Software. The game was released by GameMill Entertainment and Maximum Games on 15th October 2019. The game had been released worldwide for various consoles like playstation4, Xbox One, Nintendo switch, and windows. The game has a well developed multiplayer mode that supports up to four players online. Developers have incorporated a total of ten missions for players. Gamers can also participate inside the mission to earn rewards and points. Players can choose any playable character of their choice. 

The game is an adaptation of the Zombieland film series which has garnered immense love and appreciation from gamers. Though criticised for its GamePlay, the other aspects of the game are brilliantly executed. It has earned generally favourable reviews from top critics and gamers. However, developers are working on the franchise’s gameplay, level design, length, and price. The vivid graphics and sound quality are also commendable. 

After about ten years of the release of the horror-comedy and adventure-packed movie Zombieland, developers have brought its gaming version titled Zombieland: Double Two-Road Trip. The game has been made by popular demand and has been finely developed. The story continues what followed in the movie without any changes. Players who have completed the previous series would be able to relate highly. 
What is Zombieland: double tap-road trip about? 

As we already said, the event of Zombieland: DTRT has similar events to that of the original movie Zombieland. The latest release features four playable characters from the original movie: Little Rock, Tallahassee, Columbus, and Wichita. Developers have rightly incorporated the right elements into the game, giving it a realistic and life-like touch. 

The game has been based on the movie Zombieland. Usually, games based on movies fail to achieve that sheer level of precision. However, Zombieland is an exception. The game has set a high bar. Zombieland movies are no doubt a treat to your eyes, so is Zombieland: DTRT. 
The game has been shot in a top-down isometric view, the one you can find in Contra: Rogue Corps. There are two modes that the game offers: horde and campaign mode. The game can either be played in the multiplayer cooperative mode, in a group of four players, or alone as a single player. 
The gameplay is known as PvE, player vs. environment. The Nintendo Switch version of Zombieland: DTRT offers dual analog sticks to players. 
We have already mentioned that there are four main playable characters that players can choose from. No matter you play as Columbus, Wichita, little rock, or Tallahassee, you can carry a weapon every time. The single weapon is a pistol, which has neverending bullets. While you are on your journey, you may find a variety of other weapons on your way. You can collect better ones to replace the weapon you have. Also, some explosives can be used as sub-weapons. 
The Player’s stats are reflected on the screen. It consists of the player’s attack damage, health, maximum health, ammunition gained, movement speed, fill rate, and other details. Every character has got a special ability. If your special meter is full, you can utilise your special ability for survival. 

The core movement and aiming are well crafted. In the beginning, every character has a pistol which is by default the only thing they carry. As you proceed further, you will come across different varieties of weapons of different levels. They offer varying degrees of utility and have extremely limited ammunition. However, melee weapons are extremely powerful and effective. 

The only difficulty is when it comes to picking up weapons. Players have to first open the container with a button, then press another button to put the weapon inside. Also, the game doesn’t allow players to carry multiple weapons together. You can replace the old weapon with one new weapon. Next time you try to collect another weapon, you have to first drop the previous one. The game offers four main types of buttons. The interact button, the reload button, the shoot button, and a grenade button. 
Reloading takes a few seconds, leaving players vulnerable at that moment. That’s another aspect developers have to work on. There’s no way in which players can dodge an enemy or another player. So, if the player is left in one corner, weaponless, he is probably going to die. In this regard, you must know that dying takes to back to the start, with every stat becoming zero. You have to travel the whole path, doing every task to gain points again. 

Once you complete a level, you will earn skill points based on your score. Using those skills, you can level up your damage, health, speed, etc. enhancing your performance. Every time you finish a campaign or level, a new character gets unlocked. Also, you get access to a new game plus mode which is tougher, but fetches more points upon completion. 

Features of Zombieland: Double Two-Road Trip 

Zombieland: double tap-road trip PC Game Download

Name Zombieland: double tap-road trip
Initial Release Date 15 October 2019
Publisher GameMill Entertainment, Maximum Games
Developer High Voltage Software
Platforms Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Genres Video Game, Shooter Video Game, Action game, Shoot ’em up
Modes Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
Category PC Games >Action

How To Download Zombieland: double tap-road trip PC Instructions

  • CPU: Core i7-950
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTX 260

Zombieland: double tap-road trip – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel i7-4770 processor CPU @ 3.40GHz
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 or later

Zombieland: double tap-road trip – Recommended System Requirement

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