ZUS reminds about an important change for retirees. You may lose your benefit

“You can earn extra money for pensions, but you have to remember that there are income limits. ZUS will reduce or suspend the payment of the benefit. In order not to be exposed to a reduction in the old-age or disability pension, the income may not exceed 70%. average monthly salary “- informs ZUS and adds that the limit amounts are: PLN 3,960.2 and PLN 7,354.5.

Suspension or reduction

If the income exceeds PLN 3,960.2, the benefit from ZUS will be reduced by the amount of the excess, but not more than PLN 646.67 for retirement and disability pensions due to total inability to work, PLN 485.04 for pensions due to partial inability to work and PLN 549, PLN 71 – for survivors’ pensions to which one person is entitled. After exceeding the limit of PLN 7354.5, the benefit is suspended.

“The situation is different in the case of the social pension. The social pension will be suspended in December after exceeding PLN 3,960.20 gross income. The rules for suspending the social pension will change from January 2022. The same rules will apply to the disability pension. for many people receiving a social pension, it will mean the possibility of receiving a reduced amount of the benefit “- points out ZUS.

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