ZUS: There is no need to submit applications for a refund of overpaid tax

In February, people receiving the benefit from PLN 4,920 to PLN 12,800 will receive refund of overpaid tax. It will be done ex officio and automatically, there is no need to submit applications – reminds the president The Social Insurance Institution prof. Gertruda Uścińska.

On Friday, the Minister of Finance signed an ordinance changing the advance payment collection technique to income tax from natural persons. In this situation retirees Pensioners and pensioners whose benefit amount is between PLN 4,920 and PLN 12,800 will have the calculated advance tax and health insurance contributions under the old rules.

Prof. Uścińska referred to data which shows that for over 8 million, i.e. almost 94 percent. retirees and over 98 percent. pensioners who receive a benefit of up to PLN 4,920 gross from the universal system, from January paycheck the hand is higher. And the monthly increase in this group of beneficiaries is up to PLN 180.

She reported that benefit in the amount of up to 2.5 thousand PLN per month is collected by: 3.7 million pensioners (i.e. 62% of the total) and 1.4 million pensioners (i.e. 75% of the total). These people will not pay income tax.

Boss ZUS she assured me that no changes were made they will lose persons receiving benefits in the amount from PLN 4,920 to PLN 12,800. They constitute approx. 6 percent. of all retirees and less than 2 percent. pensioners.

– In relation to this group of beneficiaries, i.e. for those 421 thousand will take place in February with the provision of this return overpaid advance payment income tax – said Uścińska.

She reminded that pensioners do not have to visit ZUS offices to check the amount of their benefit after the changes. They can do this from home by logging into the Electronic Services Platform (PUE ZUS), where the benefit payment slips are shown.

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