ZUS will not use PLN19.5bn in subsidies from the state budget to the Social Insurance Fund

The Social Insurance Institution does not need a part of the subsidy, among others because the efficiency of the Social Insurance Fund, i.e. the ability to cover current expenses with current receipts, is currently 81 percent. – ZUS informed in a press release.

This means that PLN 19.5 billion, instead of going to the Social Insurance Fund, will remain in the state budget. – This is very positive data. They show that our aid activities under the Anti-Crisis Shield have resulted in the protection of companies and employees who are now paying contributions – comments Prof. Gertruda Uścińska, president of the Social Insurance Institution.

– Please note that a dozen or so months ago we were in a completely different place. We did not know what impact the COVID-19 epidemic would have on the economy – adds the professor.

As the head of the Social Insurance Institution emphasizes, Under the Anti-Crisis Shield, entrepreneurs received about PLN 40 billion from ZUS. From the beginning of the Anti-Crisis Shield, the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) exempted from contributions amounting to approximately PLN 15.5 billion and paid out parking benefits for the amount of PLN 6.5 billion. ZUS clients also benefited from postponing the payment of contributions and installment arrangements for a total amount of nearly PLN 15 billion.

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