Żużel: Marcin Gortat says he regrets that Tungate didn’t do it earlier

Marcin Gortat, who is the Australian’s friend and manager, is very pleased that his protégé has just ended up in Falubaz. According to the former basketball player, the speedway rider in Zielona Góra will have excellent conditions for further development.

– This is a very important moment in his career, because Falubaz intends to fight for a return to PGE Ekstraliga, and this is a goal that is very close to Rohan. Here he will be riding with his friend Max Fricke. I am glad that he found his way to the club where he is stable not only in terms of finance, but also organization. This team has strong foundations to return to the top class as soon as possible. It is a legendary club, a distinguished seven-time Polish champion. I regret that Rohan did not come here a year earlier, because he chose Tarnów. After this season, I figured he had to do everything he could to represent Falubaz and it worked. I’ve already met the club’s employees. I am very pleased with the knowledge of the president. Wojciech Domagała is a decent man with character. I am glad that we will cooperate – said Marcin Gortat in an interview with falubaz.com.

The Australian is well aware of how difficult next year’s season will be for him and his colleagues from Stelmet Falubazu Zielona Góra. Many teams have become stronger and the fight for promotion to PGE Ekstraliga promises to be very interesting. According to many, the games on the first-league front have not promised to be as fierce as it might be in 2022 for a long time.

– Driving for such a club is a challenge and a great achievement at the same time. He likes this track, he feels comfortable on it, the team and the entire organization suit him, so this transfer is the right decision. I intend to appear at matches in Zielona Góra whenever I can. And I hope that Rohan will quickly become one of the team leaders, and believe me, he is really reliable – adds Gortat.

The former basketball player is charmed by speedway. Both speedway and basketball are very fast and dynamic sports. In both areas, a lot is happening on the court and on the track. Can the two disciplines be compared to some degree?

– In every sport it is important to focus on success, a heart to fight, commitment and ambition that does not allow us to let go until the end. It definitely connects representatives of all disciplines in the world. But our injuries cannot be compared. We can twist the ankle, tear a tendon in the knee, bruise our fingers, scratch our skin when we fight for the ball and we simply pause for some time as a result of an injury. The speedway rider risks much more – concluded Marcin Gortat.

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