Żużel: Włókniarz Częstochowa wanted to get rid of Fredrik Lindgren and get Mikkel Michelsen

It was in this player that the representatives of the Częstochowa club saw a potential successor for Lindgren. It is no wonder, because Michelsen’s driving style fits perfectly on the track there, and the Dane is still on a rising wave and still seems to have large reserves. This is the complete opposite of the Swede, who has recorded a clear decline in form for two seasons, which twice resulted in falling out of the playoffs for the inhabitants of Częstochowa.

The duo of Leon Madsen and Mikkel Michelsen could be dangerous for any team, and for fans from Jasna Góra, it would surely provide a lot of emotions. Ultimately, however, the transfer of the latter did not take place, because Jakub Kępa, the president of Motor Lublin, has excellent relations with the rider. So one honest conversation was enough, and the Dane gave up any thoughts about the transfer. The backstage of the negotiations on Radio Freee was revealed by the helmsman of the second team this season.

– Our negotiations were the shortest possible, because with Mikkel we sat down and talked about the new contract, and after 15-20 minutes we knew everything. I knew that he had offers from other clubs, and the authorities of Włókniarz were putting the greatest pressure. Mikkel, however, feels good at our club and has not particularly thought about moving. For me, such decisions are a signal that working with the player pays off, and the atmosphere in the club is appropriate – admitted Jakub Kępa in the “Five One” broadcast.

It is slowly becoming a tradition that Michelsen is one of the most sought-after competitors of Motor Lublin. Let us recall that a year earlier representatives of Betard Sparta Wrocław fought very hard for this transfer. Thanks to driving in Lublin, the Dane completely changed the opinion of himself in the environment. A few years ago, he was referred to as a conflict player and one who does not know how to cooperate with the team. When the people of Gorzów planned to transfer someone from the Anders Thomsen duo, Mikkel Michelsen, the entire team unanimously supported Thomsen.

Only two seasons were enough, and it was Michelsen who became one of the most desirable speedway riders on the transfer market, and president Jakub Kępa can be sure that he will also have to fight for his player next year.

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