Easy Ways To Prevent Skin Allergies In Summers

As the days of summer are here, so as the unbearable heat, infections and other ailments. In summer, a lot of people have to deal with annoying situations like being sweaty all the time and even having bad breath. However, the most problematic of the bunch are the skin infections one has to deal with. An expert discussed certain ways one can get help to find relief in these situations.

In states like Tamil Nadu, people are dealing with sweltering heat, which leads to several skin infections. Talking exclusively to News18, Dr Shanmugam talked about certain ways one could follow to keep these infections at bay. According to him, one must opt for cotton cloths during the summer months. An advantage of that is the cotton cloth absorbs sweat easily and even prevents the body from sweating more.

To deal with the problems of urinary dysentery, an individual should consume drinks like coconut water, buttermilk, nungu fruit juice and watermelon smoothie. They can also use antifungal talcum powder to keep the sweating at bay. This powder should only be used during the night. Furthermore, the doctor advised to make sure to avoid the soap which may cause your skin to be dry.

You can also apply gram flour, and moong dal flour with some turmeric on your body, to stay protected from these skin infections. According to the doctor, one should wear white clothes mostly during this season. Furthermore, people are at risk of getting measles, so to avoid the disease, they can try drinking the pulp of fermented ragi.

One of the most common problems people deal with is the foul smell. To prevent it, you can apply sandalwood to your body before showering. Moreover, you can deal with a skin allergy by mixing crystal stone powder and rose water, as stated by Dr Shanmugam.

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