Fortnite: Get the New Playstation Plus Pack Completely Free Now

Not even a week has passed since the start of Season 2, Chapter 5, of Fortnite, and we have already experienced a bug that had to be patched and that allowed us to fly over the map with the Wings of Icarus. Even so, with everything already working perfectly, the new battle pass and the leak with possible new members of the Fortnite Club are serving as an incentive for all users to play.


In the midst of this commotion that each start of the season generates, we are receiving a lot of information about new skins, If yesterday the date on which the Shining Moon set will be included was leaked, now we can talk about the new PlayStation Plus pack, which can now be claimed completely free.

Fortnite: how to claim the new PlayStation Plus pack

The Igneous Wheels Pack is now available! 🛞🔥
Content is exclusive to PlayStation Plus members. 🎮➕
Includes:- Lina Scorch suit 🏁- Backpacking accessory Fuel container ⛽ #Fortnite— ilogon | Leaks & News 💥 (@ilogon2879) 

March 13, 2024

Some content creators, such as the user ilogon2879, have already echoed the news, showing the skin that we will get (both in its standard version and in its LEGO version) and the accessory that accompanies it, which in this case is a backpack.

This set is called Fiery Wheels, the Lina Scorch skin, and the Fuel Container accessory. To achieve this we only have to meet two requirements: play on PlayStation 5 and have the PlayStation Plus subscription. If we are suitable for these two conditions we can redeem this pack completely free.

To do this we have two options. The first is to go to the PlayStation Store website, log in and download the content that you can find at this link. The second way to get this set is even easier, from the PlayStation 5 itself . We just have to access the Store and search for this set (by entering the word Fortnite in the search engine it will appear) to download it. You will see that the price is 0 euros, so you can get it without any additional cost beyond that of the PlayStation Plus subscription itself.

Obviously, the rest of the platforms will not enjoy this benefit, so if you play on another console you don’t even have to worry about getting it. Of course, if you play with CrossPlay and you find a rival with this appearance, you can assume that he does not play with a keyboard and mouse, which gives you extra information that may be useful to you.

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