″Everything Cristiano Ronaldo does is scrutinized…″


Harry Maguire, Manchester United captain, talks about the media attention around Cristiano Ronaldo

Sky Sports News interviewed Manchester United captain Harry Maguire, and he addressed the media attention around Ronaldo in the red devils. It’s the price to pay for fame and the level at which he plays, confesses Maguire, who is also a constant target of fans on social media.

“What does he bring to the team? Goals. A magnificent player with a magnificent character. I know what it’s like to have a lot of media speculation and he takes it with most. Everything he does is scrutinized at a level… fair? It happens when you play for a club like Manchester United. When things go well you also hear praise. It’s football. It’s the sport we play. But there is a line that we cross a lot in this country and that we have to improve”, said Maguire.

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