″If Messi doesn’t score 50 goals in a season, people start talking″

PSG teammate Ander Herrera came to the defense of the Argentine star

Lionel Messi, in his debut season at PSG, couldn’t replicate the numbers he’s used to, in terms of goals, throughout his career.

With 11 goals scored in 34 games in 2021/22 for the French club, far from the 38 goals he scored last season at Barcelona, ​​Messi was the target of some criticism in Paris but, according to teammate Ander Herrera, the lack of luck had a role to play in reducing the Argentine’s numbers.

“People demand that he score 50 goals a season. If he doesn’t, people start talking. Let’s not forget that Leo has achieved a Ligue 1 record – he hit the post ten times! If he had scored ten more goals he would have been a good time for him”, he considered, in statements to the newspaper AS.

“For me Messi is the best of all time, no question. Now I admire him even more for the way he spends his day, with complete humility and smiling at everyone,” added Herrera.

The 32-year-old Spanish midfielder also spoke about the relationship between La Pulga and Kylian Mbappé, before adding that Messi, at 35, no longer needs to score half a hundred goals a season, like Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Kylian can get a lot out of Leo. He will put the ball in the right place and with his speed he will come face to face with the goalkeeper where he is lethal. Maybe Messi doesn’t need to score 50 goals anymore these days . But it’s like Cristiano, they never lower the levels”, concluded Ander Herrera.

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