10 Actors Their Colleagues Refused To Kiss On A Movie Set

10 actors their colleagues refused to kiss on a film set

Anyone who is an actor knows it all too well: often on the set it can happen that you have to overcome limits that you don’t always want to overcome. There are those who find themselves facing conditions that are too extreme or even dangerous for their lives, those who are forced to undress in front of the camera for a sexy role or those who, despite themselves, have to agree to share the screen with some particularly unwelcome colleague. And then, there’s the emblem of what actors often do reluctantly: shooting an intimate scene, such as a kiss, with someone they’d rather not kiss. But often there are those who simply decide to say no. And just speaking of close encounters between stars, it seems that it is not uncommon for directors to find themselves dealing with actors who have had some problems getting their lips too close to those of the other cast members. Nothing too strange, one might say. But what made the episodes in our gallery today unusual was not so much the rejection of the act itself, as the not having wanted to kiss someone specific, for the most disparate reasons. In some cases, such as that of Cate Blanchett and Brad Pittthe good old jealousy was involved, while in others, citing for example Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, the problem was a particularly disgusting habit of the Hunger Games actress. Then there is the case of Denzel Washingtonwho did not want to kiss Julia Roberts for an ideological question, and that of Reese Witherspoonnauseated by Robert Pattinson. Discover all their reasons in our gallery today: 10 Actors Their Colleagues Refused To Kiss On A Movie Set.


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