10 Actors Who Did Extreme (And Disgusting) Things For A Movie

Many actors have gone far beyond the director’s requests, doing extreme and disgusting things: here are the 10 actors who surprised the audience the most!

It is usually thought that the most difficult task of the actors is to memorize the script, but, to hear most of the people who do this job, the most challenging part seems to be another, that is to understand and understand the nature of your character. In fact, getting into the role as best as possible is essential to give credibility to each scene.

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

However, there are some actors who have gone far beyond the demands of the director and the expectations of the audience to embody their character. Just think of the incredible physical transformations of some actors or the acquisition of skills necessary to make the performance more credible. But let’s see what the 10 Actors Who Did Really Extreme Things (and disgusting) for a movie!

1. Jamie Foxx in Ray

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Jamie Foxx to best portray Ray Charles in the film Ray, in addition to learning to sing and play the piano, he had to make a rather extreme gesture. In fact, to be able to support the filming, which ended up lasting up to 14 hours in a row, the actor used to glue his eyelids with a prosthesis several hours before the scenes. Although this gesture has caused him several claustrophobic attacks, it seems to have been worth it, given that Foxx won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

2. Austin Butler in Elvis

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Baz Luhrman’s biopic dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, received a 12-minute standing ovation during the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Even the interpretation of Austin Butler in the role of Elvis was a huge success, receiving both critical and family acclaim. To best embody this character, Austin had to study the famous singer in depth, so as to best imitate his attitudes, posture, voice and movements. But the most extreme thing he decided to do was isolate himself from his friends and relatives for almost 3 years, which is the time needed to make the film.

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3. Keanu Reeves in John Wick

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Keanu Reeves had revealed that the killer John Wick had a rather unusual hobby, which was bookbinding. Indeed, in several scenes cut from the final cut, the book binding apparatus in the protagonist’s house can be seen. The actor also revealed how he himself decided to learn how to do this handicraft, a testament to the fact that it always gives honor to his characters.

4. Shia LaBeouf in Fury

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Right from the start, the director of FuryDavid Ayer, asked his actors to “give everything” to the film and Shia LaBeouf he really took these words seriously. In fact, he decided to voluntarily enlist in the United States National Guard, spending a month in a forward operating base. But the extreme acts performed by the actor during the filming didn’t end there, even deciding to cut his face and remove a tooth by himself!

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5. Brie Larson in Room

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Room is a heartbreaking drama film released in 2015, in which the protagonist, played by Brie Larson, has been forced to live in a single room for years, subjecting herself to the abuses of her captor and raising her son who has never seen the light of day. The actress, to prepare for her role, decides to shut herself up for a month in a house completely alone and to spend a lot of time together with the young actor Jacob Tremblay.

6. Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Daniel Day-Lewis can boast of a long list of extreme actions performed throughout his career, but the most risky of all occurred in the film by Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York. In fact, in order to wear the real clothes of the time during filming, you acted in conditions of hypothermia, refusing to take medicines to heal yourself. Also, to practice in the role of Bill the butcher he put his life in constant danger, wandering around Rome and seeking confrontation with passers-by.

7. Natalie Portman in Black Swan

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Natalie Portman she proved her worth as an actress to all by starring as Nina Sayers in it The black Swan. Together with the co-star, Mila Kunis, the woman decided to prepare for the role as early as a year before filming began and it was her body that paid the dear price. In fact, her intense nurturing resulted in her losing her toenails and even breaking a rib.

8. Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

When Tom Cruise was cast as the vampire Lestat in Interview with the Vampire, the writer of the novel of the same name Anne Rice believed that his good boy image would make the protagonist lose his charm. But after the release of the film he had to change his mind completely… In fact, Tom, in addition to reading the whole cycle of romances, lost 12 kilos and learned to play the piano. In addition, she saw numerous naturalistic films to study the behavior of lions during the hunt.

9. Christopher Lee in The Lord of the Rings

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Christopher Lee he was a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings books, who for this reason did everything to best embody the role of the famous sorcerer and make the film adaptation noteworthy. But besides that, as soon as he heard about the news of the film, the already 81-year-old actor was more than determined to get the role and for this he decided to take part in the series of The New Adventures of Robin Hood, all to show previous experience in the role of magician on your CV. Subsequently, he sent a letter directly to Peter Jacksonin which he attached a photo of himself in the character’s costume.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

10 actors who have done extreme things - cinematographe.it

Thanks to his role in The Revenant, Leonardo Dicaprio managed to get the infamous Oscar, with one of the toughest performances in the history of cinema. During filming, the actor put his survival skills to the test, even going so far as to eat raw bison liver and sleep inside animal carcasses.

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