10 Hollywood actors and actresses who became famous thanks to a TV series

The world of cinema is full of actors and actresses who started from the small screen and who, once they were successful, moved on to the big screen making the leap in quality.

Once upon a time there was a certain skepticism towards TV series and the actors who participated in it, as if regardless they were destined to do only this in life. But today the situation has changed. TV series have more recognition than in the past and there are more and more quality products worthy of Emmys and Golden Globes.

Actors who became famous thanks to TV series

The male actors who have had incredible success starting from a TV series are:

  • George Clooney. Many remember him as Doug Ross in ER Doctors Without Bordersthe TV series aired from 1994 until 2009, even if the actor was part of it for only five seasons;

  • Will Smith. To date he is remembered above all for the slap given during the 2021 Oscar awards ceremony, but Will Smith is undoubtedly an actor with crystalline talent. He owes his fame to participation in the series Willy – The Fresh Prince of Bel Airthe sitcom that ran until 1996;

  • Leonardo Dicaprio. Few people know that the award-winning Hollywood actor began his career in a TV series from the 1990s. We are talking about Parents in Blue Jeansin which the actor played Luke, a foundling;

  • Chris Pratt. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor got his first big role thanks to Everwoodthe teen drama in which he opposite Emily VanCamp;

  • Ryan Gosling. As a child you were part of the Disney network participating in The Mickey Mouse Club along with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and others. But in adulthood he played Hercules in the series Young Hercules;

  • Ryan Reynolds owes a lot to TV series. Indeed, it is thanks to Fifteen who has his first debut role on TV, but above all it is thanks to the series Two boys and a girl which will achieve notoriety;

  • Martin Freeman. Known for his role in Sherlock Holmesthe successful series in which he stars alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, his talent was discovered thanks to his participation in The Officein which he played Tim Canterbury;

  • Bruce Willis. The actor from The Sixth Sense participated in the series in the 1980s moonlightingin which he played an atypical private detective.

Actresses who come from the world of TV series

Among these, we mention:

  • Jennifer Aniston. It’s hard to think of the actress without mentioning the unforgettable TV series Friendsin which she played Rachel for ten years on the small screen;

  • Zendaya. The actress who thanks to a TV series, Euphoriareceived an Emmy and a Golden Globe, to date she is a recognized actress on the big screen thanks to her participation in the trilogy on Spider-Man, Dune and the Greatest Showman.

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