10 songs for the weekend; with Anitta, Luísa Sonza and BTS

Tired of listening to the same old songs? O Life&Art presents a selection of the main releases of the weekend. On this Friday’s list, June 17th, there are works by Pedro Sampaio with Anitta, a Drake clip, a feat with Luisa Sonza, a June album by Xand Avião and much more! There are many genres and artists to enjoy. Check out:

1. Pedro Sampaio, Anitta, Nicky Jam, Dadju, MC Pedrinho – Dancer

After the success of “Dançarina”, Pedro Sampaio and MC Pedrinho teamed up with Anitta, Nicky Jam and Dadju to release a remix of the track. The new version will soon get a clip, whose release date has not yet been announced.

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2. Drake – Falling Back

“Falling Back”, a track that belongs to Drake’s new album, was released in the early hours of this Friday. The 9-minute clip shows the rapper marrying 23 women.

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3. Baco Exu do Blues & Luísa Sonza – Hotel Caro

On Valentine’s Day, Baco Exu do Blues and Luísa Sonza launched “Hotel Caro”. The lyrics bring reflections on a relationship ending with R&B notes.

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4. BTS – Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

South Korean boy group BTS, who will be going on hiatus, have released the track “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”. The track is part of the album “Proof” that brings together the main hits of the boyband’s career, in addition to three unreleased tracks.

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5. Claudia Leitte, Juliette and Lucy Alves – Dengo Meu

In a festive mood, Claudia Leitte joined Juliette and Lucy Alves to release “Dengo Meu”. Claudia stated that the song is a tribute to the feasts of São João.

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6. Demi Lovato – Skin of my Teeth

Demi Lovato embraces rock on new track “Skin of my Teeth”. The song recalls the battle against drugs that the singer faced after an overdose in 2018.

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7. Xand Plane – On the Bonfire (Vol. 2)

Bringing more June atmosphere, Xand Avião released the album “Na Fogueira (Vol. 2)”. The project has 12 tracks, including re-recordings by Gonzaguinha and Fagner.

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8. Halsey – So Good

Finally, Halsey managed to release the track “So Good”. The singer vented a few weeks ago when she revealed that she wanted to release the song, but was stopped by the label because they demanded it go viral on TikTok. Ironically, the artist went viral on the app when talking about pressure from record companies and the reality of social media.

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9. Marshmello, Khalid – Numb

Marshmello and Khalid team up again to release “Numb”. The duo already worked together in 2017, with the track “Silence”. The video for “Numb” already has nearly three million views.

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10. MC Livinho, DJ LK from Scotland, DJ Pedrin and DJ Breno – Pras Novinha

Focusing on Tiktok dances, “Pras Novinhas” has already achieved more than 165,000 fully organic videos on the app. The track is the work of MC Livinho, DJ LK from Scotland, DJ Pedrin and DJ Breno.

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