10 TV series not to be missed in October 2022

It is useless to go around it: “the” TV series of the month is Boris. Point. The fourth season of the legendary cult is finally reality and arrives, from October 26, on Disney +. To say that she is highly anticipated is little … However, October promises to be full of serial joys: come on Rai Uno we will find again for example Morgane – brilliant detectivewith the episodes of the second season, while on Netflix comes the tv adaptation of Everything asks for salvation (to be seen). In the middle, more Linen Pillow for everyone and even some horror brushstrokes signed by none other than by Guillermo Del Toro. In short, there is something to indulge in. Here, in more detail, are the titles not to be missed.

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Survivors, from 3 October on Rai Uno

Linen Pillowdosage: begin October 3, with Survivorsthen reappear on Rai Uno in winter for booster doses, ie The red door 3 And Commissioner Ricciardi 2. That’s right: after a fair period of inaction (between pandemics, set requirements and a child, the actor was a little caught) Linen Pillow back on TV with three TV series. The first, broadcast on October 3, is precisely Survivors: a brand new project, carried out by Rai together with the public services Zdf and France Télévisions. The story features 12 passengers on a ship, actually only seven because the rest of the crew will never return home. In fact, the series revolves around the mysterious reappearance of the Arianna ship and the difficult reintegration of the few survivors on board. At the center there is therefore the most classic, but always distressing, of the questions or “What are you willing to do to survive?”. In the cast, in addition to Guanciale appear Barbara Bobulova And Alessio Vassallo.


Morgane – brilliant detective 2, from 4 October on Rai Uno

Eccentric, very intelligent but penniless: we loved Morgane from the first moment she arrived, with all her overwhelming energy, on Rai Uno. It is no coincidence that the series, of French origin, has made a splash in ratings even surpassing the Italian fiction in counter programming: a real miracle, indeed, a sort of serial pax between Italy and France (two countries that, historically, do not love each other). very very much…). From October 4th, the new episodes finally arrive: eight in all, in which Morgane will continue to collaborate with the police, taking advantage of her exceptional IQ of 150. In France, the series has reached 11 million average viewers.


Candy, from 12 October on Disney +

If you are looking for a disturbing story, here you are: Candy reconstructs the (real) life of Candy Montgomery, a “quiet” housewife from 8th America who goes from one extreme to the other. More precisely, from the maximum conformism to transgressions involving blood and corpses … The protagonist is an amazing Jessica Biel. From 12 October on Disney +.


Everything calls for salvation, from October 14 on Netflix

Mark it wherever you like – on your mobile phone, in your diary or on the fridge – just watch the TV series on 14 October Everything asks for salvation. Why the hell if it deserves. Of course, behind it is the iron story of the autobiographical book by Daniele Mencarelliwhich not surprisingly won the Young Witch Award in 2020. However, we know, cinema and TV often manage to find ways to ruin good books. But not this time. In fact, the script holds up, the atmosphere is the right one and the protagonist Fabrizio Cesari is credible in the complex role of Daniele: a boy who, after a psychotic breakdown, is interned for seven days in TSO. Someone at this point will think that this is a TV series about mental illness. Ni. In the sense that, yes, we obviously speak of psychological disorders, and even heavy ones, but the real theme is another. Here, to take the lead, is a very delicate question that invests you with all its radical importance: “What is the meaning of life?”. Ps If you are wondering where you have already seen Cesari, it means that you do not have a teenage daughter: the boy is the teen idol of the moment, thanks to the success of the series Skam.


Les Invisibles, from October 17 on Giallo

But yes, we abound with French TV series: after the second season of Morgane proposed by Rai Uno, arrives on the canal Yellow the crime Les Invisibles. The invisibles in question are … the corpses. The special task force of the French police, the protagonist of the TV series, is in fact specialized in solving those cases of murder or violent death in which the victim cannot be identified. The race against time is therefore twofold: on the one hand it is necessary to nail the guilty person, on the other hand to give a name to the dead person. The team is led by Darius.


Vincenzo Malinconico, from 20 October on Rai Uno

You know that bungler Coliandro? Here, apparently he has a serial emulator: from 20 October he arrives Vincenzo Malinconico – bankruptcy lawyer. As you can guess from the title, ours is not exactly a superstar of the speeches and even in private life he is in bad shape. Divorced, he managed to become the lover of his ex-wife, who in the meantime has another. To interpret this singular character, inspired by the novels of Diego De Silva, is Massimiliano Gallo. In the cast, too Denise Capezza (already seen in Crimes of the future by Cronenberg and in Bang bang baby).


Inverse, from 21 October on Prime Video

Metaverse, parallel universes and even time travel. In Inverse – The Peripheral there really is everything. Which would be a guarantee of headaches even for the most hardcore science fiction fan, unless – as in this case – there is a bestseller like that of William Gibson. But let’s get to the story. The protagonists are at least three: the young Fisher, who tries to keep together her broken family; her brother Burton, a former soldier with neuronal implants stuck in his head and Wild, the London tycoon of the future. The rest you will find out from 21 October on Prime Video.


Cabinet of curiosities, from 25 October on Netflix

Are you ready to die of fear? From 25 October comes on Netflix the horror anthology Cabinet of curiosities and to sign it is none other than the famous director Guillermo Del Toro. Each episode tells a self-contained story, ranging from macabre, gothic, grotesque and fantasy. In all eight stories, two of which are original subjects by Del Toro himself. The cast that ranks, among others, is very rich Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia, Dorian Gray), Luke Robertsi.e. Ser Arthur Dayne from Game of Thrones, ed Essie Davis (The white princess).


Boris 4, from October 26 on Disney +

And here we are, finally. The wait is over: from 26 October, with Boris 4the historic troupe de The eyes of the heart led by Francesco Pannofino, Caterina Guzzanti, Pietro Sermonti, Alessandro Tiberi. In the cast we find all the historical faces including the one and only Corrado Guzzanti, whose deranged Mariano Giusti is still in our hearts. But let’s get to the story: the plot of Boris4 it is obviously super secret but, according to what little has emerged, now our favorites will have to deal with the world of social media. The material to do well is not lacking and the expectations are obviously very high: the fans of the series were shouting for the renewal already the day after the suspension of the famous TV series. The hope is that the series is not a disappointment. To put it like Renè: “Come on, come on, come on, let’s take her home!”.


Free body, October 26 on Paramount +

If you are among those who were passionate about the series Make it or break ityou can’t miss Free body: the first Italian TV series set in the world of artistic gymnastics. Unlike the American cult, in reality here we are more in the thriller area than teen drama, but the setting is the same: you get on the platform, between twists, somersaults and sacrifices. Several sacrifices. Artistic gymnastics is in fact a world as beautiful as it is rigid, which asks its athletes to observe an almost military lifestyle. In the cast, Antonia Truppa, Filippo Nigro and Alessia De Falco. The story is inspired by the novel of the same name by Ilaria Bernardini. Six scheduled episodes, available on the Paramount + streaming platform.


Pretty Little liars: original since, October 31st on Prime Video

Honestly, we’re not crazy about remakes, reboots and the like. We are always of the idea that “being wary of imitations” is better. However here we are talking about a series, namely Pretty Little Liars, to which we left the heart and its reboot is entrusted to Roberto Aguirre – Sacasathe same as Riverdale And The terrifying adventures of Sabrina. Ergo, we grant the benefit of the doubt and point out that, from October 31st, on Prime Video he arrives Pretty Little Liars: original sin. At the center, a new generation of lying girls who, in addition to having to deal with a decidedly disturbing house, will also have to answer for the mistakes made, 20 years ago, by the first Liars. And here is the original sin of the title served …

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