100 generations to become life and work

According to a recent study that reviewed the Forbes list of the richest women in America, an average american to be able to reach the wealth of these stars of the riches we could put 7,000 years

100 generations. This as an american with an average yearly income of about 48,000 dollars will have to wait to aspire to the cultural heritage of one of women’s most rich and famous of America.

A recent analysis that took its cue from the Forbes list of the richest women of America, has compared the richness with the search volume and, therefore, on the basis of the fame. The scandal of Kylie Jenner made to revise some of the charts. There is, however, to say that, despite everything, Kylie, at only 22 years, has assets of about $ 900 million. And it is also the second woman to the most sought after in America on the Google search engine. And, therefore, this research is focused yes on the richest women in the stars and stripes, but especially those that have built their wealth from the sun. And therefore are automatically excluded from those who came already from a rich family or an empire is well-established that the would start at an advantage.

Research has therefore emerged as both Taylor Swift the rich young american woman, with a fortune of 360 million dollars and 30 years of age. According to the ranking of Forbes, his position is 60°. After her we find Kim Kardashian West (370 million), Rihanna (600 million), Serena Williams. (225 million). Until you reach the tail of the ranking with Karissa Bodnar that has 30 years and a heritage of 275 million dollars.

Note that it may happen (frequently) as the wealth does not go hand in hand with the fame. And, in fact, Anne Wojcicki, 46 years, with a wealth of $ 690 million has a number of views on search engines was considerably lower than in Taylor Swift or Rihanna. The same fate Melissa Maye, 45 years, with a heritage of 620 million dollars has even less popularity as compared to the Wojcicki.

And, therefore, how long will it take for the average american to be able to get at the wealth of these women? By calculating an average yearly income of about 48.672 dollars, it will take 7,000 years to reach the assets of Taylor Swift. 8.218 years for the Beyonce (400 million) and 7.602 years for dthe Kim Kardashian. And then you go up to 14.177 years to reach the assets of the Anne Wojcicki (690 million) or 12.738 years to get to the wealth of Marissa Mayer (620 million).

Given the years to reach the assets of this star of wealth, the average american should put aside almost all of its income for several generations to be able to tap the wealth that you have these women.

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