11 cases in which the prize did not go to those who deserved it

The awarding of the Oscar also made people cry “scandal”!

No one is infallible in this world, including the prestigious Academy Awards committee, called upon to decide the winners every year. The controversial cases would be many more, but on 11 particular occasions there were some Stolen Oscars to actors who deserved it more: that’s who we’re talking about.

1. Oscar Deserving and Oscar Stolen Actors: Paul Dano per The oilman vs. Javier Bardem

Dano isn’t the lead in Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, but he still steals the show with the role of Paul Sunday, a man blinded by hatred for his brother. Not only did he not get the statuette, but he didn’t even finish in the nomination. In the end, Javier Bardem triumphed (author, however, of an excellent performance).

2. Amy Adams for Nocturnal animals

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Amy Adams is the female Leonardo DiCaprio and someone’s “fear” is to see her win for a film that is not so epic. She deserved it thanks to her performance in Nocturnal animals.

3. Jennifer Lawrence for A freezing winter

Lawrence has an Academy Award for On the bright side – Silver Lining Playbooks. Yet, the belief reigns that it was a sort of “compensation” for the lack of title conferred on her A cold winter, where he interprets a teenager forced into povertycalled to prove that the father died to save his family.

4. Actors who deserved an Oscar: Winona Ryder for Girls, Interrupted

The feature film earned the triumph of Angelina Jolie. Too bad she didn’t have as much luck as Winona Ryder as Susanna Kaysena patient of the mental institution.

5. Willem Dafoe for Van Gogh – On the threshold of eternity

Four nominations and no wins. In 2019 William Dafoe remained among the finalists for the part of Vincent Van Gogh, in a film based on the artist’s admission to a psychiatric hospital. In the run he was beaten by Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody.

6. The cast of pulp Fiction

Samuel L Jackson was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Oscar this year, but he would also have been awarded for pulp Fictionin which he went no further than one nomination, the only one in decades in the profession.

7. Actors who deserved the Oscar: Andrew Garfield in Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!

Stolen Oscars, curiosity, Cinematographe.it

In 2022 Garfield gave birth to a legendary Broadway composer, honored with his second candidacy. But the victory came to Will Smith for A Winning Family – King Richardafter slapping Chris Rock.

8. Robert Downey Jr. for Charlot

Robert Downey Jr. would have had credentials to impersonate Charlie Chaplin. Unfortunately for him, he had the misfortune of being up against the (usually) formidable Al Pacino.

9. Robert De Niro for Taxi Driver

Robert De Niro’s artistic depth was not enough because Peter Finch was preferred for Qgreat power.

10. Stolen Oscars: That Time Russell Crowe Deserved It For A Beautiful Mind

The drama, the romance, a real character: every element hinted at Russell Crowe’s exploits in his role as math’s teacher who was able to defeat the schizophrenia through logic. Nonetheless, Denzel Washington won.

11. Glenn Close for… many films

Despite the full number of nominations (8), Glenn Close has not entered the roll of honor. The scandal was above all for Fatal Attractionwhere we see her impersonating a wicked enigmatic. Instead of her celebrated Cher for Moonstruck

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