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be in Marvel or in DC Comicsthe fans of superhero comics are experiencing one of the most fertile periods for these stories to be told on TV and in cinema. Every year, we have a plethora of projects being announced and released, with all the characters most beloved by the public having the chance to shine in their own adventures.

And although we’re already in June 2022, there’s still a lot that the year has in store for us in the field of superhero movies and series – whether it’s the epic super-productions of Marvel Cinematic Universeseries of streaming and even animations. It is with this in mind that we list all the top superhero projects still coming out in 2022!

Thor: Love and Thunder

When does it debut?: July 7

The God of Thunder has enjoyed a major theatrical renaissance following his last solo film, which has placed him further into the realms of comedy. Now he’s back on this vibe in Thor: Love and Thunder. The film brings Taika Waititi once again at the helm and bets on a great epic not only for Thunderer, but also for Jane Foster.

Here, we see Foster transforming into the Mighty Thor, while the Son of Odin must deal with this change, as well as the turbulent emotions he carries in his heart. However, a threat looms on the horizon: the cruel Gorr, the Butcher of the Godswho decided to exterminate all deities in the universe in a personal crusade.

Green Lantern: My Power Theme

When does it debut?: July 26

The universe of animated films DC Comics continues in full swing, now with a fan-favorite character getting his own adventure. In Green Lantern: My Power Themewe follow Jon Stewart in his missions as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. But that’s not all, as we’ll also have the Green Archer it’s the Mars Hunter.

Not much is known about the film, except that it takes place in the same universe as other recent DC animations such as Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Justice Society: World War II and Batman: The Long Halloween. A curiosity: Aldis Hodgethe Black Hawk of black adam will voice Jon Stewart for the show.

DC League of SuperPets

When does it debut?: 28th of July

Moving from digital releases to movie theaters, the DC Comics will have another animation to surprise us this year. Its about DC League of SuperPetswhich as its name implies, will follow the most powerful pets in the world – each one belonging to one of the members of the Justice League.

The film features voices from Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Natasha Lyonne, John Krasinski, Diego Luna and even Keanu Reeves and promises to bring guaranteed fun for the whole family. Among the protagonists of the plot, we will have two characters well known by DC fans: krypto, the Superdog; and also Acethe Batcão.

The Sandman

When does it debut?: August 5

If you know the vast contribution of Neil Gaiman to the universe of DC Comicsyou have probably already discovered that sandman will win its own series, distributed by Netflix. In the first season, the public will get to know Dream of the Endless and find out how he was held prisoner for 100 years and how he managed to free himself.

The work has direct involvement of Gaiman and must adapt two arcs of the homonymous comic: Preludes and Nocturnes and Dollhouse. In its cast, the adaptation brings names such as Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Donna Preston, Charles Dance and Gwendoline Christie. The series seems to be a big bet for the Netflix.

I am groot

When does it debut?: August 10

In August, we will have the launch of I am groota series of animated shorts from Disney+ focused on the most adored member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In all, there will be five short films created with photorealistic animation, and so far the only person who is confirmed in the cast is himself. Vin Dieselvoicing the adorable Groot.

According to James Gunnthe series is not necessarily set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and features isolated Groot adventures that could have happened in any universe. According to the synopsis released by Marveleach short follows Groot as he grows up on increasingly wild missions and adventures through space.

She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes

When does it debut?: August 17

After introducing new heroes in moon knight and Ms. Marvelthe series of Marvel Cinematic Universe at the Disney+ continue full steam ahead with She-Hulk: Defender of Heroesa more comic production that follows the misadventures of Jennifer Waltersthe Hulk’s cousin – who one day receives a blood transfusion from her cousin after an accident.

Half superhero comedy, half courtroom drama, the series will focus both on She-Hulk’s most “epic” missions, as well as her life as a lawyer, defending cases of people with superpowers. The series will feature Mark Ruffalo like the Emerald Giant, in addition to the Abominable and the new villain titania.

black adam

When does it debut?: October 21st

Although it has been on hold since last year, after the release of The Suicide SquadO DC Extended Universe back in full force in the second half of 2022, starting with black adamfilm that will put The Rock in the role of one of the biggest villains and/or anti-heroes of the publisher, who wakes up after a millennial sleep.

Following hooks left by the first Shazam!the film will explore not only its titular protagonist, but also the members of the Justice Society, who team up with Black Adam to stop a major threat. According to The Rock himself, the film came to show who really command in the hierarchy of DC Extended Universe.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

When does it debut?: November 11th

At the end of this year, we will also have one of the most awaited releases of Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverlet’s delve even deeper into the culture of the African nation as we see territorial disputes and a rise of the various tribes that make up this futuristic realm.

The film promises to be a tribute to the legacy of Chadwick Bosemanwho passed away in August 2020 – so we still don’t know exactly what will be done with the mantle of the black Panther. On the other hand, much is speculated about the possible debut of Namor the Sub-Mariner and the entire kingdom of Atlantis in production.

Shazam!: Fury of the Gods

When does it debut?: December 21

Shortly after the release of black adamwe are invited to meet again Billy Batson and his superhero family. In Shazam! Gods Furythe members of Shazam family have to deal with the coming of three very powerful goddesses, daughters of Atlas – one of the deities that bestows the powers of Shazam.

The film will be directed by David F. Sandberg, who directed the first film, and promises to be even more fun, grandiose and frightening. We still don’t know exactly what to expect from this sequel, but given the proximity of the release of black adamit would come as no surprise if the film began to set the stage for an epic showdown…

Merry Little Batman

When does it debut?: Expected for December 2022

This year brings some curious releases during the Christmas festivities – starting with Merry Little Batmana special of cartoon Network which is inspired by the film franchise They forgot me. And while there is still no confirmed date for the release, it has already been announced that it will come out around December.

in the plot, Damian Wayne – the youngest of the Robins – must defend the city from gotham city and the Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve, after his father leaves to fight on a special mission. Armed to the teeth and with lethal training, the young Wonder Boy isn’t cornered by the bad guys – they’re the ones cornered with him.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special

When does it debut?: Expected for December 2022

Although the Guardians of the Galaxy only return with their solo film next year, 2022 seems to be a very formidable year for the team, as in addition to a participation in Thor: Love and Thunder and the series I am grootwe will have the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Specialwhich arrives at Disney+ just in time for the festivities.

We know absolutely nothing about the plot of the Christmas special, except that it will take place before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. For now, we are curious to know how the team is doing and how the events of Avengers: Endgame influenced the group dynamics. With luck, we’ll have a good old-fashioned, contained adventure about this dysfunctional “family.”

Battle of the Super-Sons

When does it debut?: Scheduled for 2022

The animations of DC Comics they don’t stop and, even this year, we will have one of the most ambitious projects of the publisher. Battle of the Super-Sons, as the name implies, should be focused on the children of the biggest heroes of the publisher. On the one hand, we have Damian Wayne representing the legacy of Batman, while Jon Kent continues the Superman lineage.

Little has been revealed about the plot or what the enemy will be faced by Jon and Damian, but this project has gained a certain curiosity as it is the first film in the series. dc animated universe produced with 3D animation. So far, no official images or previews of what the animation will look like have yet been released.


When does it debut?: Scheduled for 2022

Closing our list, we have another release of DC Comics Extended Universe. batgirl will accompany the young woman’s solo adventures Barbara Gordon, who becomes an apprentice to the Dark Knight and goes out into the night defending Gotham from its deadliest enemies. The feature is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallahwho were present in Ms. Marvel.

The film stars Leslie Grace, but will bring several heavyweights to its roster. In addition to JK Simmons and Michael Keaton (who reprise the roles of Commissioner Gordon and Batman), we’ll see Brendan Fraser in the role of Firefly. It is not yet known exactly if the feature will hit theaters or if it will be an exclusive to the HBO Max.

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