14. net pension – how much is it? When is the payout? [KALKULATOR]

14. retirement pension is available to over 9 million people in the country. At the weekend, the president of ZUS, prof. Gertruda Uścińska informed that the benefit has already reached 6 million seniors.

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14. retirement. When is the payout?

The “Fourteen” is paid to pensioners’ accounts automatically with the November benefit. This means you don’t need to submit any applications.

On Monday, on TVP Info, Minister Marlena Maląg informed that only two tranches were left for the payment of the 14th pension. The benefit will go to seniors’ accounts on Thursday, November 25 and on Wednesday, December 1. We remind: ZUS pays pensions and pensions on six dates: on the 5th, 6th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th day of each month.

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14 retirement. Who will get the “fourteen”?

The 14th pension in 2021 amounts to PLN 1,250.88 gross. It is due to persons who, as of October 31, 2021, were entitled to one of the long-term benefits listed in the Act, including old-age and disability pensions, social pensions, pre-retirement benefits. People whose entitlement to benefits is suspended will not receive “Fourteen”.

The full amount, i.e. PLN 1,250.88 gross, will be provided to persons whose basic benefit does not exceed PLN 2,900 gross. The rest will receive the fourteen reduced in line with the “PLN for PLN” rule. For example, if the collected old-age pension is PLN 3,000, then the “fourteen” will be entitled to an amount lower by PLN 100.

The fourteenth pension is taxable and contributory under general rules, irrespective of whether it is paid together with the taxable or tax-exempt benefit. No deductions or executions are made from the “fourteen”.

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How much is the 14th net pension? [KALKULATOR]

The amount of the 14th pension will depend on the amount of the monthly payment. Pensioners who receive less than PLN 2,900 gross will receive the 14th pension in the amount of the lowest old-age pension, ie PLN 1,250.88 gross. It is PLN 1022.30 for the hand.

The vast majority of beneficiaries will receive the full amount of fourteen. It is a group of 8 million people. The remaining 1.2 million people receiving the benefit above 2.9 thous. PLN will receive the 14th pension reduced in accordance with the principle of PLN for PLN. The fourteen will then look like this:

  • PLN 2,950 gross old-age pension – PLN 981.88; 14th net old-age pension;
  • 3000 PLN gross old-age pension – 940.50 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3,050 gross old-age pension – PLN 900.13 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3100 PLN gross old-age pension – 858.75 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3150 PLN gross old-age pension – 818.38 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3200 gross old-age pension – PLN 777.00 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3250 gross old-age pension – PLN 736.63 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3300 gross old-age pension – PLN 695.25 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3350 gross old-age pension – PLN 654.88; 14th net old-age pension;
  • 3400 PLN gross old-age pension – 613.50 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3450 PLN gross old-age pension – 573.13 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3,500 gross old-age pension – PLN 531.75 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3,550 gross old-age pension – PLN 491.38 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3600 PLN gross old-age pension – 450.00 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3650 PLN gross old-age pension – 409.63 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3700 PLN gross old-age pension – 368.25 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3750 gross old-age pension – PLN 327.88 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3800 PLN gross old-age pension – 286.50 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 3850 gross old-age pension – PLN 246.13 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3900 PLN gross old-age pension – 204.75 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • 3950 PLN gross old-age pension – 164.38 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • 4000 PLN gross old-age pension – 123.00 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • 4050 PLN gross old-age pension – 99.63 PLN 14. net old-age pension;
  • PLN 4100 gross old-age pension – PLN 50.25 14. net old-age pension.

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