19 – The Lazio bulletin. Novavax also arrives in Italy: the first protein-based vaccine. Milan, the hospital closes at the Fiera: the last patient discharged. Queen Elizabeth still positive

COVID-19 - The Lazio bulletin.  Novavax also arrives in Italy: the first protein-based vaccine.  Milan, the hospital closes at the Fiera: the last patient discharged.  Queen Elizabeth still positive


The Civil Protection has disclosed the data relating to 27 February. They have been carried out 317.784 swabs and identified 30,629 new COVID-19 positives. The currently positive are 1,122,278. In the last day, 144 people affected by Coronavirus have died for a total of 154,560 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. As usual, Vocegiallorossa.it will provide you LIVE news about the Coronavirus situation.

20:17Omicron healed no-vaxes are not immune to other variants. According to research – not yet peer-reviewed and published in medRxiv – non-immunized people who have contracted Omicron are more at risk of re-infection with other strains of the coronavirus than those who have been vaccinated.

19:07 – The Civil Protection has issued the usual bulletin relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. The new infections are 30,629, which bring the total to 12,764,558. Specifically, compared to yesterday, -18,280 currently positive (1,122,278), +50,014 healed (11,487,720), +144 deaths (154,560). The swabs carried out were 317,784, for an incidence of 9.6%.

18:08 – There are 2,708 COVID-19 positives of the day in Campania out of a total of 27,101 tests carried out for a contagion index of 10%, slightly down from 10.52% yesterday. Of the 27,101 tests, 17,233 are antigenic and 9,868 are molecular ones. Five people died in the last 48 hours. There are 812 intensive care beds available, while 47 are occupied (-3 compared to yesterday’s figure). 769 hospital beds are occupied (-27 compared to yesterday). There are 3,160 hospital beds available.

17:13 – The number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in mainland China increased by approximately 5.04 million yesterday, with the total inoculations reaching nearly 3.12 billion. This is what emerges from today’s data from the National Health Commission

16:29 – “Today in Lazio out of 7,119 molecular swabs and 32,843 antigenic swabs for a total of 39,962 swabs, 3,900 new positive cases are recorded (-582), 6 deaths (-17), 1,390 hospitalized (-57), 126 intensive therapies (-5) and +9,482 the healed “. This was announced in a note by the Lazio Region Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato. “The ratio between positives and swabs is 9.7% – he continues – there are 1,838 cases in Rome city. The number of healed is three times the number of new cases per day.

15:20 – 112 locally transmitted Covid-19 infections were reported yesterday in mainland China. This was announced today by the National Health Commission. Of these, 48 emerged in Guangdong and 38 in Inner Mongolia, as specified by the institution in the usual daily bulletin. As for the other provincial subdivisions, Guangxi reported 7 cases, Liaoning 6, Tianjin and Sichuan 3 each while Beijing, Jiangsu and Yunnan reported 2 cases and Shanxi one.

14:55 – This morning the anti-COVID-19 government emergency facility also delivered the Novavax vaccine to the Lombardy Region. The announcement was made by the Vice President of the Region and Councilor for Welfare, Letizia Moratti. “We have been delivered 174 thousand doses – he says in a post on Facebook – Half of this supply will be kept in stock for the second administration which will be carried out within three weeks of the first. From tomorrow, therefore, the administration in dedicated centers will begin”.

13:55 – China, 112 locally transmitted Covid-19 infections reported yesterday. This was announced today by the National Health Commission.

13:15 – “The positive signs of a definitive exit from the covid increase. After two years of sacrifices, restrictions and suffering, Italians must be able to return to their own life, to normality, to freedom. With a war underway in the heart of Europe and with all the problems that come with it, with the energy crisis and with inflation that is exploding, the last thing we need is to still live with the 2020 schemes. After March 31, no more green pass, no more limitations, no more divisions based on vaccination status, no more discrimination in the workplace. This is the time to raise your head “. This was stated in a note by the Undersecretary for Education Rossano Sasso.

12:45 – Arrives in Italy for the first time on Novavaxthe first protein-based vaccine.

11:35 – New Coronavirus infections in Veneto have clearly decreased in the last 24 hours: 2,633 compared to 4,183 the previous day. The regional bulletin also reports 3 victims, with the total deaths at 13,817.

11:05 – “We have overcome Covid and it has made us stronger”. He said it Moshe Lionmayor of Jerusalem, speaking in the Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

10:31 – In Sicily 3,358 new cases and 1,200 hospitalizations were recorded in the last 24 hours.

10:10 Lazio, registered 4,482 new cases and 1,578 hospitalizations in the last 24 hours. There are 23 deaths (+15), 1,447 hospitalized (-47), 131 intensive care (-3) and +11,145 recovered.

09:12 – Queen Elizabeth was forced to cancel a meeting with some diplomats scheduled for Wednesday. The Queen is still positive for Covid-19 and she has mild symptoms.

08:50 – It was February 27, 2020 when the first case of Covid-19 was ascertained in Abruzzo: a man residing in the lower Brianza, who was in Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo) with his family, in the holiday home, tested positive. After two years, the total cases are over 262 thousand. He brings it back SkyTG24.

08:30 – Milan, the hospital closes at the Fiera. This was announced by the Vice President and Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti after the last hospitalized patient was discharged yesterday evening.

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