2-hour fire ceases in Zaporizhzhia, the Russians return the body of a US volunteer killed at the front to Kiev

A two-hour lull in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine was called today a Vasylivkain the region of Zaporizhzhiain order to facilitate the return a Kiev from Moscow of the corpse of the twenty-four-year-old American Joshua Alan Jones. The US Army veteran was killed in August in the Donetsk region while fighting for the Ukrainian faction. With the brief respite there was also an exchange of prisoners between Russians and Ukrainians: “Between them an officer and nine soldiers”, said the head of the Ukrainian presidential office Andriy Yermak. The State Department Use he has already informed the victim’s family, who was recognized thanks to tattoos and other distinctive signs on the body, taken by the Ukrainians in an ambulance.

The father: “I never stopped at the idea of ​​not finding him”

Photos of the young body had previously been sent by the Russians to Ukraine for preliminary identification. Jones’s remains were found in the territory of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk – of which only Russia recognizes independence – within which he was buried in a mortuary. Jones was part of the International Legionwhich collects i foreign fighter who decide to fight alongside the Ukrainians. It was the latter who gave the news of the return to the fighter’s father, who at the Cnn declared: «He’s back! You have no idea of ​​the weight that our family has taken off in this moment, I had not given up on the idea of ​​not finding it again ». According to what the CnnJones the fifth American killed in the war between Ukraine and Russia, while at the moment one – Grady Kurpasi – is missing.

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