2 wounded and 2 missing, they dig under the rubble

Explosion in Nuorese, a house collapsed due to a gas cylinder: 2 people extracted alive from the rubble, as many missing

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The gas leak, then the explosion and finally the collapse. At the time of the accident, in the chalet in the countryside on the outskirts of Tiana, in the Nuorese area, there were 4 people: 2 were injured, the other 2 are dispersed. It is digging under the rubble of what remains of the house to find them.

The explosion

The incident took place in the countryside of Tiana, in the province of Nuoro.

From the first indiscretions, reported by Ansa, it seems that the explosion in the house was caused by one gas bottle.

nuoro house explosionPhoto source: Virgilio Notizie

The place of the accident, in the countryside of Tiana, in the Nuorese area

The explosion, with the consequent collapse, would have occurred around 7:45 am.

A passer-by gave the alarm.

How are the wounded

In the house, before the explosion, there were 4 people: 2 they were extracted alive from the rubble and handed over to the care of 118.

It is an 83-year-old woman and her husband: the first was rescued by the fire brigade and transported to red code at the San Francesco di Nuoro hospital by a self-medical doctor who arrived from Sorgono in Tiana.

The second, on the other hand, was accompanied to the hospital in Cagliari with the helicopter rescue, always in red code: has trauma to the chest and abdomen.

They lived at Downstairs.

The missing are sought

Other 2 people, however, would result currently missing: it is the daughter he was born in son in law of the owners, the elderly couple pulled alive from the rubble.

The missing are Marilena Ibba And Guglielmo Zedda: they lived on the upper floor of the house.

On site there are the fire fighters of the provincial command of Nuoro and of the Sorgono station, together with numerous citizens of the town who are participating in the research, in addition to the mayor Pietro Zedda.

The doctors of 118 and the Carabinieri of the Tonara Company coordinated by the captain also intervened Marco D’Angelo.

Dog units from Tempio Pausania and teams ofUse (Urban Search and Rescue) by Cagliari.


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