2022 energy voucher: who will get a subsidy for electricity, gas, fuel. The government announces the rules of the anti-inflationary shield: November 21, 2021

Anti-inflationary shield, electricity subsidies, energy bill – the government’s announcements of support for the poorest who have the most problems in connection with the high prices are beginning to take shape. It is supposed to be an energy voucher. How much will it be, who will get it, what will it spend – so far there is only general data in the design version. We collected them, analyzed them and it turned out that support for up to 2 million households will amount to PLN 60-130 per month. As there are about 13.6 million households, one in seven will get an energy voucher, as it is easy to count.

BREAKING NEWS! These fairly general assumptions of the energy voucher should take specific shapes in the near future. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced a week ago through the Polish Press Agency that the government will present details of the anti-crisis packages “in the coming days”. But nothing of the sort happened.
The prime minister’s announcements were limited to a speech by the Minister of Climate, Anna Moskwa, who stated that the program was supplemented so that the support would not be missed by any group of people in need.
However, there is still no draft of precise decisions, which, according to promises – this time by the Minister of Climate – the ministry will present “in a few days”. So we keep waiting.

According to previous declarations, the voucher will be awarded according to the income criterion: monthly earnings of PLN 1,563 in a single-person household and PLN 1,115 per person in a multi-person household are to be the limit.

The Prime Minister’s statement also showed that the energy bill would only be a part of this package – the solutions proposed by the government are also intended to alleviate the effects of high inflation and, in general, to act against inflation.

At the beginning, there was talk of subsidizing electricity bills. This solution was to compensate the poorest of the so-called end users double-digit increases in electricity prices. Then, however, future inflation, reaching as high as 7 percent, and equally troublesome – if not more – for households were the gigantic increases in gas and fuel prices at gas stations.

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