“23% flat tax for all to combat tax oppression”

New social video for Silvio Berlusconi, which continues at full speed in its virtual electoral campaign. The Forza Italia leader has chosen to focus mostly on new media for the 2022 elections and his strategy involves periodically sharing a pill of the program to be offered to voters in the event of a center-right coalition’s victory. “I begin with a proverb: one pill a day keeps the doctor away. One pill a day on our program should get the gentlemen of the left out of the way“Silvio Berlusconi said with a joke, presenting the point on taxes, in particular on the flat taxcornerstone of the center-right government plan.

When we are in government we will apply a flat tax of 23%, for everyone, families and businesses, to lighten thefiscal oppression, to really fight evasion, to increase the revenues of the state. If you agree, if you think it is right to leave more money in the pockets of Italians, to restart consumption and investments, on September 25th you have to go to vote and of course you have to vote Forza Italia“, said Silvio Berlusconi, underlining the importance of a reform from the fiscal point of view to really restart the country’s economy, increasing the state’s revenues but without further burdening the pockets of Italians but, on the contrary, lightening them. A strategy completely opposite to that of the left which, to grab the youngest voters, promises the dowry to 18-year-olds of 10 thousand euros by inserting a new tax on inheritances.

In addition to the flat tax, in the Cavaliere government plan there is also the will to improve the quality of life of the elderly, aiming at “increase all pensions at least 1,000 euros per month for thirteen months“. This pension, in Silvio Berlusconi’s program, must be paid”also to a particular category of elderly people who have worked all their lives who are our mothers and our grandmothers“. But if on the one hand he looks at the elderly, on the other the president of Forza Italia also looks at the younger ones, for whom”ictraineeship traits they will have to be paid at least 1,000 euros per month and we will encourage companies to hire young people for their first job on a permanent basis“.

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