3 deaths, millions of withdrawals, dozens of cases: frankfurters with listeria

The alarm launched on 23 September by the Ministry of Health with this press release it is not yet completely exhausted. What led to this sort of “epidemic” of cases of listeria caused by frankfurters which, at the end of last month, had led to three deaths, 71 confirmed cases and a rush to collect contaminated products, with the recall of 4 million packages? All time the usual mistake, a banality that has so far cost dearly in terms of health effects. So let’s see how the situation is put in terms of food safety.

What is Listeria

The Ministry of Health writes: “Listeria monocytogenesresponsible for listeriosis, is a bacterium that can be present in soil, water and vegetation and can contaminate various foods such as milk, vegetables, soft cheeses, undercooked meats, slightly seasoned sausages. The main route of transmission for humans is food. Healthy children and adults may occasionally become infected, but rarely develop severe disease unlike in debilitated, immunosuppressed, and pregnant women whose disease is more severe. The severity of the symptoms varies considerably as a function of the infectious dose and the state of health of the affected individual. They range from flu-like or gastrointestinal forms, sometimes accompanied by high fever, to septicemic forms, meningitis or abortion in subjects at risk. “Here, in addition to the dozens of infected, three cases resulted in death. And yet it was enough to do one thing to avoid all this.

Eating raw sausages: never to do (Shutterstock)

“Sensitive to high temperatures”

Again in the ministerial note it is emphasized that the listeria bacterium “is instead very sensitive to the usual domestic cooking temperatures of food”. To avoid infections, discomfort and fatal outcomes, it is enough do not do as too many do: take the raw sausages, remove them from their packaging, and eat them as a snack or in composite dishes, side dishes and salads without first a step in cooking. Which leads to the elimination of the infecting bacterium. Three or four minutes of cooking are a precise prescription, even reported on the packaging. But especially in the summer season, we tend to eat raw sausages. Hence the series of cases that are still under “the high attention of the Ministry of Health following the increase in clinical cases”. Still in progress even if, for the sake of completeness of information, it must be said that the products identified so far have an expiry date until December 2022 and should all have been withdrawn. From what is known so far they are produced frankfurters from the Tre Valli company and including the brands Wudy Aia, Töbias Eurospin, Salumeo Lidl, Wür, Pavo, Golo, Salchicha, and more recently the Golosino Negroni in 100 gram packs.

Cooking at least three minutes before adding them to any recipe (Shutterstock)

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