3 well-known brands of cheese referred to by the Ministry of Health, the Lots

The latest recall from the Ministry of Health concerns a well-known type of cheese, Taleggio. Motivation is disturbing, here’s how to protect yourself.

Again a dairy product under the magnifying glass, and again some Lots withdrawn from the shelves. This time the rhealth risk is high due to a toxin very dangerous.

recall of the Ministry of Health

It dates back to yesterday, October 27, 2022, the note from the Ministry of Health published on the official website. The aim is to alert consumers who have purchased certain brands of Taleggio cheese. And to invite them not to consume the product at all.

The risk is that of become contaminated with a dangerous bacteriumas defined by the same Ministry: “STEC – Escherichia coli producer of shiga toxin – gene eae sg O26 in 25 g of product “.

It is a strain that is capable of causing serious health disorders in humans. More precisely, a more severe form of the “classic” poisoning, and manifestation of hemorrhagic diarrhea and blood in the stoolas well as in permanent renal failure.

As we know, in case of contact with these types of bacteria, some develop mild symptoms, such as stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Which, however, are not to be underestimated, because they lead to dehydration. THE weaker subjectson the other hand, like children, the elderly and pregnant women, they riskonset of the severe form.

So who, reading the brand and lot listed below, finds what he bought at the supermarket in recent days is invited not to consume the product and return it to the store. It will come a refund is grantedeven without the presentation of the receipt.

Which cheeses are the subject of the recall of the Ministry of Health, brands and lots

The recall it concerns a type of cheese, the Taleggio PDO with raw milk. There are 3 brands involved. Casarrigoni, Lands of Italy And Pastures of the Farmer.

As it appears on the official website of the Ministry of Health, here are the product detailsformat, expiration date and lot numbers.

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  • Name or business name of the FBO in whose name the marketed product: Casarrigoni Srl. – production brand of the plant and / or manufacturer: CE IT 03 278 – Name of the manufacturer: Casarrigoni Srl. – Factory location: Via A. Arnoldi, 575 – 24010 Taleggio (BG).
  • Lots and expirations of Casarrigoni brand cheeses – Taleggio whole wheel – Lot 25272, expiring 11/28/2022; Lot 25276 expiring 02/12/2022; Lot number 25279 expiring 05/12/2022; Lot 25280 expiring 06/12/2022
  • Lot of Terre d’Italia brand cheeses pack of 200 gr – Lot 25277 (the packaging lot was obtained from product lot 04082A)
  • Lots and expiry date of Pascoli del Fattore brand cheeses – Taleggio whole form – Lot 25272 expiring on 11/28/2022; Lot 25276 expiring 02/12/2022; Lot 25277 expiring 03/12/2022.

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